Lazy Han Pig Drinking Water System and Equipment

Lazy Han Pig Drinking Water System and Equipment

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The pig can only drink sufficient amount of clean drinking water at any time, which is one of the indispensable conditions for guaranteeing normal physiological and growth of pigs, maximizing growth potential and increasing labor productivity.

There are many types of pig automatic drinkers, such as duck-billed, nipple, and cup.

1, Duckbill type automatic drinker

At present, domestic and foreign pig farms use the most is the duck-billed pig drinking fountains. Mainly by the valve body, valve core, sealing ring, return spring, plug cover, filter and other components. The valve body and the valve core are made of brass and stainless steel. The spring and the filter mesh are made of stainless steel. The plug cover is made of engineering plastics. The overall structure is simple. It is corrosion-resistant, reliable, does not leak water, and has a long life. When pigs drink water, their mouths contain water. The drinker bites and presses down on the valve stem. Water flows from the gap between the valve plug and the seal ring and enters into the pig's mouth. When the pig's beak looses, the valve stem is reset and the outlet gap is closed by returning the spring tension. Water stopped flowing out. The duck-billed drinking fountain has good sealing performance. When the water flows out, the pressure is reduced and the flow rate is low, which is in line with the requirements of the drinking water of the pig. There are two levels of angles and 45 angles for installing this type of drinker, and the height of the ground varies with the weight of the pig.

2, nipple-type pig with automatic drinker

The biggest feature of the automatic drinker for nipple-type pigs is the simple structure, which consists of three parts: the shell, the top bar and the steel ball. When the pig drinks water, the top rod is lifted, and the water flows from the gap between the steel ball, the top rod and the shell to the pig's mouth. After the pig looses the mouth, the water pressure and the gravity of the steel ball and the top rod cause the steel ball and the top rod to fall. Close to the shell, the water stops flowing out. This type of drinker has strong ability to pass through impurities such as sediment, but it is poorly sealed and must be used under reduced pressure. Otherwise, the water is too swift to make it difficult for pigs to drink water, splashing water, and wasting water.

3, cup-type pig automatic drinker

The cup-type drinking fountain is a single type automatic drinking fountain with a water container (water cup), and the common type is a float type, a spring type, and a hydraulic valve stem type. Float type drinking fountains are mostly double cup type, and the float chamber and control mechanism are placed in the middle of the two cups. Usually a double-cup floating drinking fountain is fixedly installed at the fence between the two pigsheds and is shared by two pigs. The floater waterer consists of a housing, a float valve mechanism, a float chamber cover, a connecting pipe, and the like. When the pigs drink water, pushing the float causes the spool to deflect, and the water flows into the cup for pigs to drink. When the pig's beak is left, the valve stem is reset by the return spring force, and the water supply is stopped. The float has the function of limiting the water level, and it follows the water level. When it rises and rises, when the water rises to a certain height, the pig's beak will not touch the floater. After the valve is reset, the water supply will be stopped to avoid excessive water flow.

4, spring valve type waterer

The cup shell is generally a cast part or a cup type stamped from a steel plate, and a cup lid is attached to the cup pin. When the pigs drink water, using the top of the mouth to move the pressure plate, so that the spring valve opens, the water will flow into the drinking cup, when the mouth leaves the pressure plate, the valve stem reset to stop the water supply.

5, hydraulic stem type waterer

The cup waterer that controls the water by the water valve's own weight and water pressure, when the pigs drink water, press the pressure plate with the top of the mouth to make the stem bias, and the water flows into the drinking cup along the gap between the valve stem and the valve seat, and the drinking water When finished, the valve plate will naturally hang down and the stem will return to normal.

No matter which type of drinker is used in the sloth pig raising pig house, the water in the drinker must be prevented from flowing into the fermentation bed and cause the humidity of the litter to be too large. A drainage ditch should be set below the drinker so that the pig can flow when drinking water. Water is diverted to the outside of the pig house and prevented from flowing into the fermentation bed to increase the humidity of the litter in the fermentation bed. This will also prevent the summer hot pigs from splashing water to cool themselves and pumping large amounts of water into the fermentation bed resulting in excessive humidity in the litter in the fermentation bed.

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