Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care)

Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care)
How does the flower carry on the simple nursing, lets it maintain the beautiful posture, is safe and convenient. If the use of microbial fertilizer microbial fertilizer can be used alone, can also be mixed with other qualified quick-acting fertilizer, compound fertilizer, special fertilizer, etc., not only does not conflict, but the effect will be more significant; Golden Baby microbial fertilizer can be used to prepare nutrition soil , Combined with flower pots, basin application, can also be used for daily topdressing, supplementing fertilizer; can also be mixed with soil directly applied; can be applied to the surface can also be buried below the topsoil, appropriate amount of water after application line. The dosage can be flexibly grasped according to the specific situation. Generally, 20-30 g per plant is used for small plants. Large plants can be used in larger quantities, and there are no side effects. They can also be used with refined organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer or other special fertilizers. Details can visit the website or consult.

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