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Shandong Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry, designated transfer units == Muhui, animal husbandry The company supplies all year round beef cattle, sheep, dairy cows, Luxi cattle, Simmental, Limousin, Charolais cattle, improved fattening beef calf, small Bull calf, shelf cattle, burdock cows, heifers, black and white cows, Holstein cows, purebred boer goats, small-tail sheep, pregnant sheep lambs, fattening sheep, Charolais sheep, Dorper sheep, no horns Taosai sheep, and other excellent livestock breeding. Welcome friends from all walks of life who are engaged in animal husbandry to visit and negotiate business. In the process of road transportation, the company will bear all losses caused by casualties and remnants and sheep, and the vehicle will be refunded. Externally adjusted cattle and sheep in accordance with national regulations for all "Shandong kind of poultry certification." Free quarantine procedures. Guarantee the smooth flow of the trucks. Pre-sale, sales, and after-sales service to ensure the purity, based on the market's lowest price, identify cattle and sheep recycling contracts, and handle notarization. My company has a special car free shuttle customers, customers can reimburse ticket fare on the scene.
First inspection - after introduction! Everyone is a guest, visiting is also welcome! Expert Tip: For your business or to the country's regular unit! High quality cattle and sheep are your choice! Satisfaction service and payment!
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Address: Liangbaosi Animal Husbandry Development Zone, Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province

The taste of Paprika Powder is sweet, let me show the process flow diagram of Paprika powder. Firstly purchase Raw materials from the farmer, then worker sorting , drying the chili , smashing the chili, sieving the chili, and metal detecting, packing the goods, then finished products. These are the all process of paprika powder. Our technology Process is Strong technical force, Rich production experience,Advance production technology, Strict operating procedures,High standards of quality management. Our Fetures is Factory price, 100% unadulterated, Relevant qualification, Direct Supplier of Paprika,Over 20 years export experience.

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paprika powder 2

Product Description


Name of Product



Nature Red


Sweet Pepper Flavor

Type of Food


Ingredients / Content

100% Pure Red Paprika


8% Max

Foreign Material





65000 CFU/G MAX









Country of Origin


Useful Lifetime

24 Months



Keep in a cool, dry and clean place

Protect from moisture and direct light.


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Paprika Powder 200 Asta 60-70mesh

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