High-temperature aquaculture feed management

High temperature is good for pathogens and aquaculture, which is unfavorable to its growth and breeding. When the water temperature is above 33°C, many aquatic organisms lose their appetite and grow slowly. Therefore, the management of fish in our pond management for intensive production is very important.
First, we must first choose fresh food. Can not be fed with spoilage and spoilage foods, use fresh materials (small fish and shrimp), in order to prevent feed unsanitary, you can use chlorine dioxide (0.3ppm) or potassium permanganate (15ppm) soaked for disinfection.
Second, master the feeding time. It is better to vote for the second time in a day. The main time for fish and shrimp feeding is at night, and the food should be fed in three or seven batches in the morning and evening, which is beneficial to the feeding of the aquaculture and no waste of food. Because the bait in the high-temperature water corruption time, and the food intake during the day decreased significantly, the amount of the day is not conducive to the use of bait. In order to increase the appetite of cultured animals during the high temperature period, an afternoon water intake method can be used to stimulate their appetite.
Third, control the amount of feeding. In principle, feeding Qi Cheng is better. Select the beach surface feeding point observation, generally after feeding 1 to 2 hours after feeding. Within 1 hour after the meal was finished, it was indicated that the food should be fed, and 2 hours had not been eaten yet. It was necessary to reduce the amount properly to avoid wasting of food and water quality.
In general, the high-temperature water temperature in summer is around 30°C, and the growth rate of fish and shrimp is still relatively fast. We must do a good job of feeding bait during this growth period. Penaeus vannamei is a tropical creature, and its water temperature is also at its vigorous growth period at 33°C. It is also necessary to invest in sufficient materials. The conditional ponds raise the appetite and stimulate appetite one hour before feeding.

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