Kinpo Matrix Matrices Fermentation Aid (Soilless Substrate Cultivation, Base for the Growth of Mushroom Plants)

Kinpo Matrix Matrices Fermentation Aid (Soilless Substrate Cultivation, Base for the Growth of Mushroom Plants)
Soilless matrix culture mushrooms can greatly increase the yield of mushrooms, improve the taste, flavor, appearance and other qualities, is a good choice, is the base for growth. How can we prepare a good substrate? Due to the small source of peat and the country's prohibition of large-scale development, the use of soilless matrices is preferred, mainly because of its rich source. The method is to obtain finance on the spot, with all waste, plus functional bacteria (such as the Kinpo substrate fermentation dose). ), it can be fermented into the soilless matrix you want.
The specific method is: first deciduous broadleaf trees or crop stalks, grass 10 cubic meters, respectively, piled up into large piles, must be done side heap, side suppression, as far as possible to reduce the volume; and then with 2.5 kg Urea 150-200 kg of water made of urea Water is evenly spread on the heap of fallen leaves and the moisture content of the fermented heap is required to reach 60-70%. This process is to give the microorganisms "N" nutrient solution (microbiological self-propagation requires "nitrogen", "carbon" and other nutrients, urea contains "nitrogen" high). After soaking in urea water, cover the air-permeable cover and place it naturally for 24 hours. The next day, mix 2 kg of Golden Baby microbial fermenting agent and 5 kg of rice bran into a batch of bacteria (ie, ferment 2 kg of fermented food. The agent is "diluted" into a 7-kilometre feed. More points are used to spread the ingredients and nutrients are provided to the bacteria. It is evenly sprinkled on piled leaves of broad-leaved trees or crop stalks and grasses. Caesar, this process is called "inoculation" (that is, the microbial enrichment microbial agent is mixed with the above-mentioned other materials scattered into the heap, microbial engineering technology known as "inoculation"). After covering the species, cover the air-permeable cover on top of the large pile and shading and shelter from the rain. Under normal circumstances, after the start of the fermentation process, after 5-10 days of fermentation, the temperature can reach 55-60 °C or more. At this point, it is turned once and accumulated 2-3 times to complete the fermentation. Details can visit the website or consult.

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