Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care)

Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care) How does the flower carry on the simple nursing, lets it maintain the beautiful posture, is safe and convenient. If the use of microbial fertilizer microbial fertilizer can be used alone, can also be mixed with other qualified quick-acting fertili

Three and three don't want to feed rabbits

To feed the batch feed should be a reasonable match, do not feed a single variety. The nutrients in the rabbit diet were: crude protein, crude fiber, 10% each, and fat 5%. The diet per kilogram contained 2,800 calories of digestive energy and 10% of amino acids. If unconditional fed compound feed,

High-temperature aquaculture feed management

High temperature is good for pathogens and aquaculture, which is unfavorable to its growth and breeding. When the water temperature is above 33°C, many aquatic organisms lose their appetite and grow slowly. Therefore, the management of fish in our pond management for intensive production is very

Hericium erinaceus high yield eight measures

Selection of improved varieties First of all, the parent species for production should be characterized by excellent growth, rapid growth, evenness and neatness, and a full slope within two weeks at the appropriate temperature. Refrigerator preservation often form the original base, microscopic ex

Muhui cattle breeding new technology

Shandong Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry, designated transfer units == Muhui, animal husbandry The company supplies all year round beef cattle, sheep, dairy cows, Luxi cattle, Simmental, Limousin, Charolais cattle, improved fattening beef calf, small Bull calf, shelf cattle, burdock cows, he

Agricultural area sheep raising and management

With the development of animal husbandry, the raising of sheep in the farming areas, especially the shedding of sheep on a large scale, has developed rapidly. However, due to poor husbandry and management, resulting in poor breeding efficiency, and some even loss. In order to improve the economic

How do walnuts dry buds

When the author went to the countryside, many fruit growers reported that the walnut stemming technique was not well mastered. Not that the survival rate was low, that is, the tree growth after growing grafted was not ideal. I do not know how. According to our practical experience, the walnut roo