Alpine anti-season broccoli cultivation techniques

Broccoli is currently the main species of vegetables exported from China. In order to take advantage of the unique climatic conditions in the mountainous areas, adjust the vegetable industry structure and develop export-oriented vegetable production. In 2002, Longquan City was located in the mount

How farmers raise black chicken

Black Phoenix chicken, also known as black chicken, black silk hair chicken. Black phoenix chicken is better meat than white silk mulberry chicken and contains more melanin. Experts in the modern industry pointed out that the black phoenix chicken is a treasure of medical Wuji which is used for med

Fruit harmless sweetening

Fruits without pollution and sweetening are always sweeter, but what we want is "green" sweet rather than "chemical" sweet. The "green" sweetening of fruits can be achieved by cultivation, management and appropriate use of biological sweeteners. 1, Sumida management.

Pleurotus common main pest prevention measures

The common pests of Pleurotus ostreatus are mushroom fly, mushroom mosquito, cockroach, nematode, collembola, and cockroach. In their egg culture materials, the larvae breed in the culture medium and injure the mycelia, causing the culture material to rot, and the adults become nocturnal. Moths al

How much economic benefit can greenhouse warmers have?

How much economic benefit can greenhouse warmers have? Jinbao greenhouse warming fermentation aid is the use of the latest international microbiological engineering technology, make full use of the function of microbial decomposition of the fermentation, the straw into the crop needs organic and

Rapeseed Covered with No-tillage Cultivation Techniques

Rape-covered straw-covered no-tillage cultivation technology is a new type of practical rice paddy field protective cultivation technology that integrates fertile soil engineering, water-saving agriculture, ecological protection, and provincial labor. It has environmental protection, fertility, co

Greenhouse tomato water regulation technology

Greenhouse moisture regulation refers to the reasonable and effective regulation of the environmental moisture in the greenhouse. The indicator for measuring and evaluating environmental moisture is air relative humidity. 1. Regulation of air humidity in greenhouses The relative humidity of the ai

Feeding Techniques for Meaty Silkies

The so-called meaty black bone chicken refers to the black-bone chicken that uses meat as its production purpose for food, pharmaceuticals, and foreign trade. Consumption of black-bone chicken can increase the hemoglobin in the body and enhance the immune function of the human body. The black-bone

Aquatic use magic salt

As an essential human product, salt also plays an indispensable role in aquaculture. It can be used as a disinfectant, bactericide, and insecticide in aquaculture, and can also increase dissolved oxygen in water, which is significant in preventing disease and treating diseases. effect. 1. Prevent

Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care)

Jinbao microbial fertilizer (flowers how to care) How does the flower carry on the simple nursing, lets it maintain the beautiful posture, is safe and convenient. If the use of microbial fertilizer microbial fertilizer can be used alone, can also be mixed with other qualified quick-acting fertili