Technical principle of the grinder

The grinder is controlled by a stepless speed control system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. The closed-loop feedback pressure control of the electro-pneumatic proportional valve can independently control the pressure

Three screw pump precautions

Three screw pump precautions First, the speed of the three screw pump is selected The flow rate of the three-screw pump is linear with the speed. Compared with the low-speed screw pump, the high-speed screw pump can increase the flow rate and lift, but the power is obviously increased. The h

Precautions for the use of soda mixing heaters

The soda-water mixing heater is more and more widely used in steam hot water heating. In the industrial sector, the chemical, petroleum, light industry and Other industries recycle low-pressure steam and produce hot water. In terms of life, the hot water for domes

Pilot solenoid valve working principle

The pilot type two-way solenoid valve is mainly composed of a valve body, a normally closed main valve flap, a normally open main valve flap, a pilot valve flap, an electromagnet and the like. The main disc and the piston are connected by a ram (Fig. 1), which is ch

Printer maintenance

How to scientifically manage and maintain the printer during the process of use. After 20 years of industry experience, Oulans has shared it with you: The first step: to ensure a qualified indoor working environment, if the indoor work environment is dusty, it is e