The use of meatball forming machine, Zhucheng Jinchuang Machinery Manufacturing

The use of meatball forming machine, Zhucheng Jinchuang Machinery Manufacturing

How to use the meatball production line

The meatball production line introduces the water in the molding tank and the cooking tank of the meatball production line to be heated by the steam pipes in the two tanks. The water temperature is controlled by the high temperature and high pressure valve by adjusting the steamer to reach the water temperature of the forming tank of about 75 degrees, and the water temperature of the cooking tank is about 90 degrees. . The water in the forming tank forms a water flow through the hot water circulation pump, so that the meat pellets coming out of the meatball machine start to flow to the end of the forming tank after entering the water. This flow process controls the flow rate of the meat by controlling the flow rate of the water through the regulating valve. For the purpose, the mesh belt and the scraper can also be used to drive the discharge. That is, according to the process, the meatballs reach the desired molding state.

Meatball production line use method
1, the machine should be placed in a stable place, connected to the power and ground, to ensure safety, the machine is equipped with a power 550 watt motor, steering: counterclockwise steering.

2. The machine should be cleaned before use. This machine is a matching machine. The working method of the meatball machine: firstly, the meat is stirred into a meat slurry by a meat grinder, and then placed in the molding machine for processing.

3, there is a meat volume adjustment switch on the right side of the barrel, which can be used to adjust the roundness of the meatballs. (When the meat is too much, the meatballs become longer, the meat volume is too small, the meatballs are flattened, and the amount of meat in the meat barrel is After too few hours, the unit does not work properly).
4, to place a large basin under the meatballs mouth, and then warm water or directly down the pot.

5, the machine is equipped with three sets of large, medium and small molds can be exchanged, the method: the mold and the sliding plate on the bottom plate at the same time take out and replace. (A total of three sets of molds: a set of molds on the whole machine, and two more sets. The mold size: 1.9 cm, 2.6 cm, 3.0 cm, if necessary, can be customized.)

6. Put the mashed meat slurry into the meat bucket before you can start it, and you need to feed more than 3 kg at a time. After starting the machine, put the first processed meatballs into the meat bucket (no meatballs are formed).

7. After the meatballs are processed, the push rod, the meat drum, the bottom plate and the copper plate should be taken out, cleaned and dried.

8. After using for a period of time, check if the inner spring of the machine is available. If there is no elastic force, replace it with a new one.

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