Safety technology knowledge of feed mill

1. Scope This standard specifies the requirements for the safety design, manufacture and use of feed mills. This standard applies to all kinds of hammer type, claw type feed mill (hereinafter referred to as "shredder").

2. Normative references The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. For dated references, subsequent Amendments (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents are available. . For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard. GB2893 safety color JB/T6270-1992 jaw crusher technical conditions SB/T10117 hammer mill

3. Safety design requirements 3.1 The design of the crusher should comply with the provisions of this standard. 3.2 The connection method of each component should be firm and reliable, so as to ensure that it will not be loose due to vibration and other conditions. 3.3 Protective devices 3.3.1 Exposed rotating parts must have protective devices. The mesh of the protective devices should ensure that no part of the human body will touch the rotating parts. 3.3.2 The protective device should have sufficient rigidity to ensure that the human body does not deform or displace in time. 3.4 Feeding port 3.4.1 The length of the feeding hopper of the green and rough feed (the aquatic plants such as grass, water lotus and straw, corn stover, hawthorn and other straws and vines) shall not be less than 500mm; The height of the hopper platform should be 700mm-1100mm. 3.4.2 Manually fed grain (milk, soybean, corn, sweet potato, broken bean cake, etc.) crusher should be installed with a particle hopper that can control the flow of material. 3.4.3 The system automatic feeding mill must be equipped with a protective device to prevent magnetic metal foreign matter from entering the crushing chamber. 3.4.4 The feeding port of the manual feeding pulverizer shall have a warning sign that “the hand is not allowed to reach into the pulverizer when working”. 3.5 The pulverizer shall be equipped with an interlocking device that ensures that the motor cannot be started when the pulverizing chamber door is opened or the pulverizing chamber door is not closed. (The small pulverizer with a power of less than 18 5 kW used alone is not specified, but the manufacturing unit should be in the instruction manual. In the middle of the clear warning). 3.6 The pulverizer shall have an overload protection device and a grounding mark. The small shredder that is not used with the electrical control box at the factory when it is used separately shall be described in the instruction manual. 3.7 The outer casing and exposed parts of the pulverizer should be designed to avoid sharp corners and sharp edges that are easy to injure. 3.8 The pulverizer shall indicate the steering of the spindle in a conspicuous position. 3.9 Electrical control box and motor should have reliable grounding measures. For small pulverizers that do not have an electric motor at the factory, the manufacturer shall provide clear warning instructions in the instruction manual.

4. Manufacturing and acceptance requirements 4.1 The rotor of the pulverizer shall be balanced and verified according to the requirements of the SB/T10117 hammer pulverizer standard. 4.2 The total mass difference between the two sets of hammers in the radial direction of the hammer mill shall not exceed 5g, and the same group weight difference of the flat teeth of the jaw crusher shall comply with the requirements of 344 in JB/T6270-1992. 4.3 All rotating parts should be flexible and free from sticking and rubbing. The hammer on the rotor should be able to rotate freely around the pin under its own weight. 4.4 The handle of the protective cover and the operating mechanism shall be painted with a paint that is striking and different from the original color of the crusher. The danger should be marked in accordance with the provisions of GB2893. 4.5 The dust concentration in the working area of ​​the pulverizer shall not exceed 10mg/m3. 4.6 At least the following contents shall be indicated in the product label:——Product name;——Standard number;——Product model number————Name of manufacturing unit;——Supporting power ;—— Spindle speed;——Manufacturing date.

5. Instruction manual 5.1 The pulverizer manufacturing unit shall provide instructions for correcting the user's installation, use, maintenance and other contents. The instructions for use shall specify the purpose of the shredder, including all instructions for ensuring safety and proper installation, use and maintenance. The user should be required to use the shredder reasonably according to his instructions, and warn of the potential hazard of using the shredder in other incorrect ways not as required in the instruction manual. 5.2 The instructions for use of the pulverizer shall include: a) the information of the pulverizer, for example: - a detailed description of the pulverizer and its protective devices and interlocking devices; - the scope of use of the pulverizer; - the main technical parameters. b) Information on the use of the pulverizer: - Installation conditions (see 6.3); - Connection instructions between the pulverizer and the power source (see 6.2); - Safety instructions for manual feeding (see 3.4.4); Description of settings and adjustments (see 6.4); - Operating procedures, methods, precautions and prone to erroneous operation and precautions during startup and operation (see 6.5, 6.6); - Disabling information. c) Maintenance information: processing procedures when faults occur, simple fault analysis and troubleshooting methods. d) The detailed address, contact number, fax number, etc. of the manufacturing unit.

6, the use of requirements 6.1 before use, the operator should carefully read the instructions for use, understand the structure of the crusher, familiar with its performance and operation methods. 6.2 The power must be selected according to the plaque's labeling regulations. It is not allowed to increase the spindle speed arbitrarily. 6.3 The working area of ​​the pulverizer should be spacious, ventilated, with sufficient retreat space, and equipped with reliable fire extinguishing equipment. 6.4 Before starting the machine, adjust and maintain according to the instructions of the instruction manual, and check if the fasteners are tightened. In the case of ensuring the safety of man and machine, the machine can be started up and can be fed after 2 minutes to 3 minutes of empty operation. The suction system must be in normal working condition before feeding. 6.5 If an abnormal sound response occurs during the work, immediately stop the inspection. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the fault when the crusher is still running. 6.6 After the work is completed, it must be idle for 1min~2min, and all the materials inside the standby unit can be discharged before it can stop.

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