Defect analysis of tablet press in pharmaceutical equipment

Tablet presses are the most critical and important equipment in the production of tablets. Before the reform and opening up, China's tablet press manufacturers were few and the varieties were very single, with low output, low pressure, no automatic control equipment, and no GMP. After the reform and opening up, the manufacturers, output and varieties of tablet presses have been greatly improved, but most of them still stay in some medium and low-grade ordinary tablet presses. The personal adaptability of the tablet press is low and cannot be satisfied. A variety of Chinese and Western pharmaceutical companies and special needs, product technology and testing methods and accessories are relatively backward.

In recent years, the GMP transformation has been deepened, the production of tablet presses has been greatly improved, and the types of tablet presses are also diverse, reaching more than 40 kinds, which can be applied to the preparation of various tablets. Nowadays, the production of tablet presses in China has risen rapidly and is gradually developing towards standardization, serialization, high speed and multi-functionality.

The pharmaceutical tablet press has high assembly precision, excellent material resistance, wear resistance, stability and reliability, and is recognized as a popular product in the country. The use of the industry has also been radiated from pharmaceutical factories to veterinary pharmaceutical factories, electronic component factories, ceramic factories, chemical raw material plants, and even mosquito-repellent factories, fish medicine feed factories, disinfectant factories, and catalyst factories.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products consider price, productivity, and quality of tablets when considering the purchase of tablet presses. The tablet press will appear dust during the production process, and the problem of dust is what we have to solve. The dust generated by the high-speed rotary tablet press during the production process is sucked by a vacuum cleaner. Due to the current level in China, the sealing effect of the machine is not very good, and there will still be a lot of dust leakage. Dust may also be generated during transportation.

There are many problems in the tablet presses used by existing drug manufacturers. For example, the contamination of the tablet and the cleaning problem cannot be achieved by online testing. Because of the defects of the equipment, the quality of the tablets has also been caused to the manufacturer.

The main reason for the contamination of the tablet press is that the lubrication of the machine is not very good with the liquid lubricant, which will cause the tablet to be contaminated. Manufacturers can use grease or a good sealing effect to avoid contamination of the tablets during production. There is also a pollution when the gap between the feeder and the rotating table causes dust pollution.

Now our domestic tablet press cleaning is more difficult because it cannot be cleaned online. When cleaning, it is necessary to remove the parts, and it is not convenient to disassemble, and it is difficult to clean the corners. The foreign tablet press can achieve online cleaning.

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