Problems in the operation of high temperature and high pressure reactor

The high-pressure reactor is a typical innovation of the magnetic transmission device applied to large-scale reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by the previous packing seal and mechanical seal, without any leakage and pollution. It is currently under high temperature and high pressure in China. The most ideal chemical reaction, especially the chemical reaction of flammable, explosive and toxic media, shows its superiority. For the inner surface of the kettle with polishing requirements, the above mirror polishing level can be achieved, and the high-viscosity material is processed into a conical bottom for easy discharging and cleaning.
Precautions 1). The autoclave should be used at the designated location and follow the instructions for use.
2). Check the conditions such as the test pressure, the use pressure and the maximum use temperature engraved on the main container, and use them within the permissible conditions.
3). The pressure used by the pressure gauge is preferably used within 1/2 of its indicated pressure. The pressure gauge is often compared with a standard pressure gauge and corrected.
4). For pressure gauges for oxygen, avoid mixing with other gas pressure gauges.
5). Safety valves and other safety devices should use instruments that have been regularly inspected to meet the specified requirements.
6). It must be noted that the thermometer should be accurately inserted into the reaction solution.
7). The inside of the autoclave and the gasket should be kept clean.
8). When closing the disc flange cover, the bolts on the diagonal line should be tightened in the same order.
9). When the measuring instrument is broken, most cases are broken on the front and rear sides of the glass surface. Therefore, do not stand in these dangerous places during operation. When it is expected that there will be danger, remove the glass and replace it with a new one.

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