Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine uses optical fiber as the gain medium and has a large surface area/volume ratio, which makes it have very good heat dissipation performance. Therefore, even for very high power fiber lasers, the gain medium is not damaged by heat. There is no need to take special heat dissipation measures for the gain medium, and other types of lasers, the heat dissipation problem of the gain medium is a key consideration. Therefore, this feature is unique to fiber lasers.

Excellent dual waveguide limiting mechanism

The high-power all-fiber laser uses a double-clad active fiber. This double-layer fiber is a double-waveguide structure. High-power multimode pump light is confined to a larger diameter inner cladding for high power and low cost. The multimode pumping light provides the condition that the signal laser is generated and transmitted in a core having a small diameter with a circularly symmetric waveguide structure. Under the limitation of the small core core waveguide, the signal laser can obtain the desired beam quality and The extremely small spot diameter, which is an attractive feature of all-fiber lasers, is not currently available in high-power lasers. Excellent beam quality and extremely small exit spot diameter are of great importance in laser applications, making the optical system of subsequent applications simpler, smaller, longer working distance, smaller laser focusing spot, and more efficient. High, deeper processing depth, better processing quality, etc.

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