Programmable high and low temperature damp heat test chamber test lead placement position

Electronic products: mobile phones, computers, telephones, watches, air conditioners, electric lights, etc. can be seen everywhere in our lives, and none of these products need to be tested for high and low temperature reliability. Therefore, the programmable high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is indispensable.

For example, a mobile phone should be tested to see if it can be turned on normally during high temperature or low temperature or hot and humid conditions. For such products requiring live test, it is necessary to explain in advance with the manufacturer. A test lead hole can be opened on the side of the machine for power-on test. The test lead holes are specially treated to have no significant influence on the sealing and heat preservation of the case. Test lead holes are generally available in diameters of 25 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm. Some users have asked how to test the wire in the equipment during the high and low temperature damp heat test.

Analytical positive solution: Generally, the test lead holes are all on the left side of the machine. The conventional one is 50mm in diameter. In this case, as long as the items to be tested are placed neatly, the terminals are unified, and then the test leads are externally connected. Yes, if it is the cable to be connected, it is generally necessary for the customer to prepare a flange to fix it. If it is lighter, it can be handled by itself. If it is heavier, it must be handled by the manufacturer because of the constant temperature and humidity box. The inner wall is 1mm SUS304 stainless steel and cannot withstand too much weight.

There are also some need to pass through the hole on both sides of the box, and the motor shaft is placed in the middle, so that the equipment runs under the condition of temperature and humidity. At this time, the aperture and some non-standard requirements need to be carefully confirmed by drawings. At this time, the test hole is not simply used for power-on. Therefore, the placement method cannot be unified, but the premise is that safety is paramount and careful operation is required. Programmable high and low temperature damp heat test chamber test lead placement location http://

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