Do emulsifiers require a vacuum?

Emulsifiers are a kind of fluid industrial equipment, and emulsifiers are often used in industrial fields where mixing and mixing are required. Emulsifiers can also be called homogenizers, dispersers or mixers. It is a custom-made non-standard product that can be customized to different functi

IKN in jam and spread food applications

Jams and spreads are usually fruit products containing some of the gums (fruit gums) dispersed in them. The difficulty is to hydrate the gum and make it a certain degree of uniformity and a certain taste. IKN offers a wide range of mixers that completely break up th

Microwave heating principle and characteristics

Microwave heating principle and characteristics        Microwaves, like radio waves, television signals, radar communications, infrared, visible light, etc., are electromagnetic waves, but the wavelengths are different. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves (wavelengths of 1