What are the accessories for laser printers?

There are three main structures of laser printers, namely laser working medium, excitation source and resonant cavity. The structure and principle of different kinds of lasers are very different, but their common features are the three that will be described below,

External data combined with coding equipment

In the continuous development of the printer, the coding technology is also constantly evolving, and the function of the printer to identify the external device data has also been born. Let's take a look at this feature from Shenyang Oulans. The printer has the

Features and advantages of fixed ball valves

Fixed ball valve features 1. Double blocking and discharging function: The fixed ball valve adopts a spring preloading floating valve seat. When the valve is in the fully open or fully closed state, the valve seat on the upstream and downstream sides blocks the flu

Vacuum dryer

Designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizable materials, vacuum dryers are filled with inert gas, especially for complex ingredients. The vacuum dryer is a device for removing the moisture of the components inside the container by removing

EYH two-dimensional mixer features

The two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts: the drum, the swing frame and the frame. The rotating drum is mounted on the swing frame and is supported by four rollers and is axially positioned by the two retaining wheels. Among the four supporting ro

Pilot solenoid valve working principle

The pilot type solenoid valve is composed of a pilot valve and a main valve, and the two are connected by a channel. When the solenoid valve coil is energized, the movable iron core and the static iron core are attracted to open the pilot valve hole, and the pressur