Talking about the feeding and management technology of yak

The yak refers to the calf from birth to 6 months of age. The cow is in the stage of the fastest growth and development in this period, and the development of various organs is not yet perfect. Yak feeding and management is an important basis for the development of the dairy industry. The quality of calf raising and management affects the performance of adult production, directly affects the quality of the entire herd, and affects the healthy development of dairy farming. Over the years, we have implemented the "three-definition" milk-feeding and "three-character" policy on the husbandry method, and the "four diligence" in hygiene management has scientifically and rationally strengthened the management of the calf's raising and the calf's rapid growth and development. it is good. Now the breeding and management techniques of yak are introduced as follows for reference.
1 Guarantee calves eat good colostrum
1.1 Nutritional effects of colostrum After calves are born, first of all, the calves are fed with colostrum for 7 days. Colostrum has high nutritional value, contains higher protein, fat, vitamins and other nutrients than regular milk, but also contains a large number of immunoglobulins and lysozyme, can kill and inhibit bacteria, play laxative, enhance yak immunity The role of ability to promote normal activities of digestive function, therefore, as early as possible to allow calves to eat colostrum.
1.2 Feeding method Since calves receive the strongest immunoglobulin absorption in colostrum 4-6 hours after birth, calves are fed colostrum about 1 hour after birth and are fed for the second time in 6-9 hours. It is 2kg, and then it gradually increases for 5-7 days. The amount of feed does not exceed 5% of the body weight of yak. The calf can feed mixed milk 7 days after birth, and it is appropriate to extend the colostrum for 2-3 days for individual infirm persons to increase normal development and increase resistance to disease. If the newborn calf is not happy to get attention, it is easy to inhale the pneumonia caused by the human trachea. Therefore, when feeding the calf, feed 3 to 4 mouths to stop. At the beginning of feeding, milk pots should be used, and the pots gradually rise after being balanced, which can prevent the phenomenon of violent feeding. When the temperature of milk is lower than the standard of feeding temperature, it is necessary to warm it before feeding, otherwise it is easy to cause gastroenteritis due to feeding cold milk. For the first time of feeding, if the calf is not accustomed, it should be fed every 2 to 3 minutes. Usually after 3-4 days, use a milking bucket to feed it. There is an individual who needs to be fed by the pot to extend the time.
2 “Three-defining” feeding system for yaks We have implemented the “three-setting” feeding system for the characteristics of the calf's weak body and low disease resistance.
2.1 Timely feeding to the Mavericks, the time must be regular, can not be tardy, it is necessary to allow the Mavericks to develop a good habit of regular feeding. Irregularities and irregularities in feeding can cause calf indigestion and affect normal growth and development.
2.2 Quantitative standards should be given according to the size of the cultivating objects and physique. For cultivating calves, quantification of 4-5 L per head per day is strictly forbidden to be troublesome, not to mention milk and feeding are not uniform, hunger is full, disease is caused, and normal development is affected. .
2.3 Fixed temperature milk temperature has a great influence on the calf's digestion. If the milk temperature is too high or too low, it is easy to cause diseases. Generally, we use spring; autumn 39°C, winter 40°C, and summer 37°C, and it is appropriate to change with temperature. Adjust about 1-2 °C, but do not change or change at will.
3 The “three-character” policy of feeding calves is for the calves to grow fast, develop well, and meet the requirements. When feeding, it is necessary to master the “quick, quiet, accurate” three-character principle. Fast: Feed your baby quickly and prepare it. When the milk temperature reaches the standard, feed it to prevent the temperature of the milk from falling. For individual calves who are slow to eat, do not be too eager. If the temperature of the milk is low, it should be warmed up before feeding. Jing: Keep quiet when feeding, so that the Mavericks can concentrate, feel comfortable eating milk, do not allow noise and shouting Mavericks, but also are not allowed to hit the calf's head, so that the Mavericks frightened affect the feeding. Quasi-qualitative: The temperature of the feeding should be accurate, the amount of calves to be given must be accurate, and the calf number should be accurate. Otherwise, the calorie temperature will be too high or too low, the caloric level will not match the requirement of the calf, and repeated feeding and leakage feeding should not occur. The phenomenon occurs.
4 The management of calves needs to be well maintained. In addition to paying attention to nursing, the following four points are required for health management. (1) The environmental sanitation should be regularized, the cowshed should be kept clean and hygienic, and it should be disinfected in winter and spring, especially after the feces is removed. (2) The feeding utensils should be washed twice after feeding and the milk jug can be boiled and disinfected once every 10 days. (3) Due to the weak calf's constitution, abrupt climate change or calf diarrhea found in rainy days, the feces should be immediately removed, then disinfected with lime, and kept in isolation to prevent infection. Care should be taken to care for the diseased cows. Feeding the water in general should help the veterinarians to treat them seriously. Care is the key to cure. Feeding antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets must be half an hour before eating, help digestion drugs in the half an hour after eating, the better. (4) Note the effect of seasonal changes on calves. Calves usually fall ill in December from May to June in the coming December. The weather is variable and prone to colds and pneumonia. Prevention should be given according to the situation, winter work should be done well in summer, and summer heat and moisture protection work should be done in summer. Prevent disease from happening. In addition, in order to enhance calf intestinal peristaltic capacity and promote the development of the digestive system, the calves should be fed properly after 10 days of birth with easily digestible high-quality forages and feed, and should be fed with corrupted forage and feed.

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