Feeding and management of raising duck efficiency

In recent years, with the sales of duck products in the market, the duck raising industry in China has been continuously warming up. More and more farmers have used ducks as their first choice for getting rich. Although the market prospect of duck is good, it is not an easy task to really raise the ducks to make big money. It needs attention from the following aspects.
The first step is to look at the good market. On the one hand, you have to see if there is a duck processing company in your area to digest your products. If not, the duck sales problem will be difficult to solve, and eventually it will cause product backlog and duck prices. As a result, your ducking benefit cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, you want to see if there is a duck's consumption potential in the area or in the surrounding area. In our country, the duck itself is a nourishing food and it is good for all aspects of human health. However, because of the habits and dietary habits, you need to promote and guide this kind of consumption in some ways in order to increase the sales of the product. .
The second step you should choose a good duck species. China's duck species are rich in resources, not only ducks, ducks, but also meat and eggs. You should choose varieties that have both market potential and dietary habits for local consumers based on market needs, such as eggshell color and egg size. The best way to choose the marketable variety is to be able to unite with the local leading duck processing company and to persuade the company + peasant households to choose the type of duck from the leading company and be responsible for recycling. In this way, your breeding benefit It will be well protected.
There are many links that you need to pay attention to during the specific feeding process. The first is the way of feeding. Improve feeding methods can improve the economic benefits of ducks. For example, ducks are traditionally free-range. This kind of free-range breeding is relatively harmful to the environment. If we can change the free-range breeding to cage rearing or online breeding, it will undoubtedly become extremely important. The earth improves the growth environment of ducks and improves economic efficiency. Second, in the process of raising ducks, we must pay attention to reducing feed costs. Because the cost of feed accounts for about 75% of the total farming cost, the profitability of ducks will increase if the cost of feed is reduced. The reduction of feed costs should mainly be considered from the feed intake of ducks. For example, if each duck feed intake is 100 grams or 120 grams per day, the accumulation of the entire duck population will be a non-negligible cost difference. Again, combine with the actual local conditions to choose some quality and cheap feed, in order to help further reduce the cost of feeding.
In short, you can only really make duck breeds marketable, and the cost of feeding can be effectively reduced. The benefit of your ducks can be effectively guaranteed.

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