Ginbaby Biofortification Spirit (two strokes to help you improve the sweetness of fruits and vegetables)

Ginbaby Biofortification Spirit (two strokes to help you improve the sweetness of fruits and vegetables)
The lack of sweetness in melons is a common problem that afflicts the majority of melon farmers. Solving this problem requires a combination of breeding and cultivation. The breeding method is to obtain high-sweetness varieties through the hybridization between excellent inbred lines, and there are many cultivation methods that can be adopted, and there are mainly the following two kinds:
The golden treasure sweetener: The effect of applying the golden treasure sweetener on the melon crop is very obvious, and the melon fruit can be sweetened and colored uniformly. It is the application of Japan's latest bio-engineering technology, for some of the fruit and vegetable products with higher appearance and inherent quality requirements, such as grape, peach, watermelon, tomato, pear, apple, apricot, plum, jujube, melon, melon, strawberry, etc. Formulated, through the photosynthesis and metabolites of functional microbes, the crops can accumulate more sugar, and the use of this product can significantly overcome the drawbacks of using hormones and growth regulators.
Microbial fertilizer: The use of microbial nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to effectively improve the sweetness of watermelon and melon. Of course, good microbial fertilizers have many benefits for melon growth. For example, gold treasure bacteria fertilizer, it can use biological hormones (please note that it is the secretory products or metabolites of living microorganisms, non-toxic and harmless, it is fundamentally different from humans to add hormones) to stimulate crop growth, but also can reduce the disease, Sediment fertilizer, improve the environment and other effects. After applying golden treasure fertilizer to watermelons, grapes, tomatoes and other crops, the seedlings are thick and thick, and their photosynthetic intensity is much higher than that of the control, so the accumulated sugar is also more, so the sweetness (increased 1-2 %) Color increases one or two levels. Details can visit the website or consult.

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