Gem silage starter (the key to fermentation silage)

Gem silage starter (the key to fermentation silage)
When silage is livestock feeds that are more like to eat and the cost is lower, silage also has good and bad points. In order to obtain a good fermented silage, the necessary conditions are: 1. A good source of fermentation - functional microorganisms, there is a content of ≥ 150 million functional microorganisms per gram of Gempitic starter; 2. Rich microbial foods, mainly It is a carbon source and a nitrogen source. It is necessary to add an appropriate amount of nitrogen source (urea, etc.) to the straw. 3. Appropriate moisture content should be controlled at about 60%.
After trials and studies by many experts, when making silage, if you want to achieve anaerobic conditions as much as possible, you should strictly apply the following three criteria: fast, honest, and strict:
After the silage material is harvested from the field, it is necessary to seize the silage and cover the plastic cloth on the same day as much as possible. Focus on manpower, equipment, and surprises to shorten the exposure time of the raw materials in the air. Install the kiln as soon as possible and reduce Loss of nutrient content.
In fact, no matter what kind of silage equipment is installed, it is necessary to shorten the material and compact it. It is particularly important for raw materials with rough textures. By cutting them into short cuts of 2 to 3 cm, a layer-by-layer approach is used. Pressing tightly to remove air entrapped in the silage material as much as possible. For the silo kiln, more attention should be paid to the compaction of the four-walled material.
Regardless of the type of silage container, the silage materials are closed in time and insulated from air. Now the method of enclosing the silo kiln is described as follows: After the kiln is full (the raw material is 0.5~1.2m above the kiln edge) Immediately trimmed and covered with plastic film or tidegrass, and immediately press soil to seal the kiln. The sealing kiln is usually divided into 2 times. The first time it is carried out after the kiln is full. The second time is repeated every 5 to 7 days. The pressure of 2 times should not be less than 30cm. It must be higher than the surrounding ground to prevent rainwater from entering. After 20 days of storage, it is also necessary to check frequently whether cracks occur due to the sinking of raw materials, which must be promptly filled. Drains are left around.
At the same time to adjust the moisture of silage materials, between 50% to 65%. If all other conditions are perfect, use silage additives (such as jinbao silage starter) to have the effect of icing on the cake. For details, please visit the website or consult.

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