Huang Yu autumn and winter feeding management technology

Salmon is a semi-hibernating fish. When the temperature is lower than 15 °C, the carp will not eat, rely on micro-breathing into the hibernation of hibernation. Therefore, after entering the autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, and the carp's feeding and activities gradually weakened. At this time, it is more necessary to strengthen feeding and management. Its main measures are:

1. Feed more feed with high fat content.

In order to allow the squid to accumulate more fat, it is consumed during the period of hibernation. After autumn, feed as much as possible on high fat content, such as cocoons, cockroaches, and fly maggots.

2. A reasonable capture of the listing.

After the temperature has dropped, the squid drills into the silt for winter. For this reason, for Chengyu, the listing should be captured before winter. When catching, first drain the pool water, remove the surface mud, and use the hands to turn the bottom of the pool to capture. Avoid using shovels, shovels, and other hard sharps to dig deep enough to cut or bruise the squid. The general principle is to catch large children and stay small, but it is necessary to pay attention to keeping some of them in order to lay eggs for reproduction in the coming year.

3. Strengthen winter protection.

There are two methods for the wintering of squid: Wide range of Dianchi Lakes with better water sources can use deep water overwintering method. That is, to keep the water layer in the pool at a depth of 50 to 70cm; and put some aquatic plants, duckweeds, etc. on the surface of the water. In this way, not only the bottom temperature can be maintained, but also the oxygen content of the pool water can be maintained, creating an ideal wintering environment for the squid. Second, Dianchi Lake, where the water conditions are not good enough, can dry up when the carp begins to hibernate. But be careful: pool soil should be kept moist and not too dry. Fiber nets should be placed on the pool to prevent cats, dogs and other animals from eating predators. In case of freezing, the pool surface should be covered with a layer of straw or other straw, in order to keep warm and prevent freezing. When the temperature rises above 15°C in the coming spring, feeds should be promptly fed to promote the growth of salmon.

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