Feeding and management of raising duck efficiency

In recent years, with the sales of duck products in the market, the duck raising industry in China has been continuously warming up. More and more farmers have used ducks as their first choice for getting rich. Although the market prospect of duck is good, it is not an easy task to really raise the

Gem silage starter (the key to fermentation silage)

Gem silage starter (the key to fermentation silage) When silage is livestock feeds that are more like to eat and the cost is lower, silage also has good and bad points. In order to obtain a good fermented silage, the necessary conditions are: 1. A good source of fermentation - functional microorg

Breeding and management techniques for pheasant brooding

(1) Choosing high-quality chicks for young chicks is mainly based on the appearance of the chicks “having a sturdy, hairy, and stimulating gas.” By means of “a look, two touches, and three hearings”, the weak and strong chicks can be roughly identified. Strong chicks are mai

May vegetable garden management

Melon vegetables Melon, gourd gourd, loofah, bitter gourd, etc. should be timely pruning shelves, frame melon melon in the main vine 6 to 7 when the picking heart, side vines after the melon and then topping heart, loofah is not on the scaffold before removing all side vines, only remove after th

Natural Pig Concepts and Models

I. The concept of ecological lazy pigs Ecological lazy pig raising is a basic right that respects the survival of pigs. It takes responsibility for the production of healthy foods and complies with natural laws to maximize the development and utilization of local natural resources for efficient p