Maqinzi cultivation technology

Strychnos nucifera is a dry mature seed of Strychnos nux-vomica l., also known as hibiscus. With Tongluozhitong, Sanjie swelling function. Native to India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other countries. China's Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces and autonomous regions have

Cultivation of Golden Jujube Persimmon

First, the characteristics of characteristics Golden date persimmon also known as string persimmon, persimmon date, the fruit is golden yellow when ripe, shape resembles dates, hence the name golden date persimmon. Golden date persimmon seedless, dry and sweet after the sweet and tender, sweet tast

Pleurotus ferulatus organic cultivation techniques

Cultivation season: The optimum temperature for the growth of the mycelia of Pleurotus ferulae is 5°C to 32°C, but it grows fastest in an environment with a temperature of 25°C, and the growth temperature of its fruit body is preferably 8°C to 15°C. The cultivation of the mushroom is

Easy bag peanuts

The farmers in Chengzi Town, Pulandian City, used ceramic pots to plant peanuts on the roof, and successfully cultivated peanuts using nutritious soil in reference to pot cultivation techniques and promoted them throughout the town. According to incomplete statistics, the town has used this method

Soilless cultivation Hami melon

First, the basic construction: 1, sand ridge: According to the shed width digging one (with energy flow is appropriate) of the trough, inverted triangle, the upper base width of about 30 cm, depth 40 cm, from the bottom of the groove 20 or 25 cm rack shop Iron net, iron net surface shop plastic mes

Bitter gourd seed before sowing pretreatment

The cultivation of balsam pear in the south of China is more common. In recent years, the cultivation area of ​​northern open land and protected areas has been expanding year by year. However, due to the hard seed capsule and poor water absorption, the phenomenon of slow germination,

Keeping snails at the expense of stocking densities

Snails need to be fed once a day. The young snails can be fed once for two days or three days, especially for labor and materials. Many farmers mistakenly believe that keeping snails is more economical than raising other animals. Therefore, in addition to feeding the feed routinely and paying a lit

Pesticide reasonable mix four attention

Rational mixing of pesticides can improve ergonomics, expand the scope of use, treat multiple pests, reduce the amount of drugs used, reduce costs, improve efficacy, reduce toxicity, and reduce pest resistance to pesticides. However, in the compounding of pesticides, the following four points must