Walnut pollution-free production technology

First, the scope of a procedure. The order applies to the production of pollution-free green walnut base. 2. Walnut trees are required to be planted on sunny slopes on the sunny side of leeward, some walnut trees are planted on the ground, and slopes of 15-20 degrees are appropriate, do not exceed

Pollution-free soybean production technology

The first section outlines: 1. The importance of pollution-free soybean production. Soybean is an important food and cash crop, and has multiple uses such as grain, feed, and green manure. With the rapid development of the food industry and animal husbandry, the demand for soybeans has increased at

Non-polluting camphor living buds without soil cultivation

The living buds of Toona sinensis were soillessly cultured without using any matrix. Compared with common methods, the test was more convenient. The production cycle is short, only 15 days to 20 days grow at suitable temperature. With high yield and good economic benefits, 1 kg of dried seeds can p

Late cotton field management

The Cao County Special Economic Animal and Plant Research Institute of Shandong Province has introduced natural ecological cotton such as green and brown to achieve higher economic benefits. It has been rapidly promoted locally. In order to obtain high yield and high quality of colored cotton, the

Watermelon clever fertilizer taste sweet

The same variety of watermelon, fertilizer applied different, melon flavor is also different. Watermelon fertilization pays attention to a lot, in order to want melons to taste the United States, we must first apply fertilizer. In the growth process of watermelons, chlorine-containing fertilizers s

Soilless cultivation of pea sprouts

First, the choice of species. Use varieties with high germination rate, strong disease resistance, no pods, high yield, low fiber content, and good quality, such as small peas, hemp peas, and long bean peas. Second, soaking. After drying and cleaning the seeds, the seeds are first washed with clean

The reproduction and production of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a perennial semi-evergreen shrub. Honeysuckle stalks are hollow, many branches, leaves opposite, phlegm clustered, flowers pair twins, corolla tubular, initially opened white, later turned golden yellow, aromatic. The flowering period is 5 to 20 years, and the annual flowering period

Vegetable corn shoot cultivation method

Maize shoots are raiding corn, the young female ear of sweet corn, and the edible parts are the ears, cobs, and growth cones of the juvenile ear. The taste is sweet and delicious. Corn shoots are rich in crude protein, amino acids, dietary fiber and vitamin E. They are excellent natural green nutri

One year six vegetable cultivation techniques

1, the selection of varieties of winter cabbage should use Jingfeng 1; winter spinach use sharp-leaf spinach; spring cucumber selection Jinyan 4th, Jinchun 4; summer cabbage selection Xiayang 50; early autumn radish selection of Mid-Autumn Festival. 2. Cultivation Mode In early September, overwinte

Pollution-free cultivation of tomato in open field

1. Prepare before sowing. According to the different seasons and climatic conditions, we must use sunlight greenhouses, plastic sheds, warming greenhouses, Yangshuo, and seedbeds, and nursery facilities. In addition, summer and autumn nurseries should also be equipped with pest control and sunshade

Carefully identify the authenticity of medicinal seeds

In order to prevent farmers from being deceived when purchasing medicines, the methods for identifying the authenticity of the seeds of several Chinese herbal medicines are described below: 1. Astragalus perennial herb, medicinal root. The new seeds are round, black-gray, two cotyledons, and bean b