When vegetables lack calcium, they use long-term stimulation agents.

When vegetables lack calcium, they use long-term stimulation agents.

The Chinese cabbage had gotten dry heartburn and cabbage had heart rot. It was expressed as Chinese cabbage and cabbage. After knotting, the leaf ball was cut open, and the edge of the inner leaf was seen or browned together with the heart and leaves. Sometimes the ball was unbeaten at the beginning of the game. The leaves also show symptoms of calcium deficiency, which is characterized by leaf greenish brown rot. Calcium-deficient cabbage and Chinese cabbage have a significant decline in edible rates, and they have an abnormal taste and severely affect quality. The reasons for calcium deficiency are as follows: (1) calcium deficiency in the soil itself; (2) application of high-fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer, especially excessive application of ammonium nitrogen, will inhibit calcium absorption. The incidence of dry heart disease in Chinese cabbage is related to nitrogen fertilizer. Increase the amount of use and increase; (3) soil drought, making the soil solution concentration increased, reducing root water absorption, thereby inhibiting the absorption of calcium; (4) high soil salinity, inhibition of root absorption of water and nutrients. The main cause of this disease is the lack of calcium, and the growth of Jinpin Biotechnology's longevity will be a good solution to this problem.
The Chinese cabbage has gotten heartburn and cabbage has heart rot, and Gemlife has promoted the growth-promoting spirit to help you! Gembi Biotech promotes growth-enhancing spirit is a kind of high-concentration, full-water-soluble new leaf surface replenisher developed by applying the latest bioengineering technology of the United States, Japan and South Korea, and combining the characteristics of physiological fertilizers of various economic crops. Mainly through the leaves quickly replenish the plant needs calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc and other nutrients, promote plant growth, and quickly alleviate the symptoms of various nutrients, it is a microbial agent, rich in various active ingredients, not Contains any hormone component, non-toxic side effects, safety and environmental protection, cost-effective. The large-scale tourism picking gardens in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, and Hainan have been used in large areas and have received good results. It can be used more than twice in the whole growing period of vegetables, and the increase rate can reach 20%.

5A grade Huangjiu is adopted for Aged Wine,i.e. A grade raw materials, A grade timing, A grade pottery jar, A grade storage and A grade brewers. Using Huangjiu of the most representative years as base, aged wine is bottled in green porcelain for banquet and gift-giving. Glass-bottled-wine is mainly used for 3-5 years of ordinary wine, with superior cost performance, suitable for people who drink at home frequently.

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