Restricting the use of these fertilizers in the production of green food

The production of green foods also imposes various restrictions on the fertilizer used. What are the fertilizers that are allowed to use?

I. Farmyard fertilizers. Refers to fertilizers containing a large number of biological substances, animal and plant residues, excrement, biological waste and other substances.

1. Composting. An organic fertilizer made of various straws, fallen leaves, human and animal dung as raw materials mixed with a small amount of soil.

2, Feifei. The materials used are basically the same as compost, except that they are fermented under flooding conditions.

3, manure. Refers to pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, ducks and other livestock and poultry excrement and straw dunnage made of fertilizer.

4, biogas fertilizer. In a sealed biogas digester, organic matter decomposes under anaerobic conditions to produce by-products of biogas.

5, green manure. The use of cultivated or wild green plants as fertilizers can be divided into two major categories: legumes and non-legumes, and legumes include mungbeans, broad beans, and grass pods. Non-legume green manure, the most commonly used grasses, such as ryegrass; cruciferous, such as fat field radish.

6, crop straw. Crop stalks contain a considerable amount of nutrients (n, p, k, ca, s, etc.) and, under appropriate conditions, pass through the action of soil microorganisms, return to the soil after mineralization, and absorb and utilize the crops.

7. Mud fertilizer. Unpolluted river mud, pond mud, gully mud, mud in the harbor, lake mud and so on.

8, cake fat. Rapeseed cake, cottonseed cake, bean cake, sesame cake, peanut cake, castor cake, tea seed cake, etc.

Two. Commercial fertilizers.

1, commodity organic fertilizer. Refers to a wide range of biological substances, animal and plant residues, excrement, biological waste and other materials processed as raw materials, such as fertilizer.

2, humic acid fertilizers. Refers to peat (charcoal), lignite, weathered coal and other fertilizers containing humic acids.

3, microbial fertilizer. Refers to the production of active microbiological preparations using specific microbial strains. Through the life activities of specific microorganisms, it can improve plant nutrition or produce plant growth hormones and promote plant growth.

4, semi-organic fertilizer (organic compound fertilizer). Fertilizers made of organic or inorganic substances mixed or compounded. After the decomposed poultry manure, add appropriate amounts of zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum and other trace elements made of fertilizer.

5, inorganic (mineral) fertilizer. The minerals are made in the physical or chemical industry and the nutrients are in the form of inorganic salts. Mineral potassium and potassium sulfate; Mineral phosphate (phosphate rock); Calcined phosphate (calcium magnesium phosphate, defluorinated phosphate); Limestone: Limited use in acidic soils;

6, foliar fertilizer. It refers to the fertilizer that is sprayed on the leaves of plants and can be absorbed and utilized by them. Foliar fertilizers must not contain chemically synthesized growth regulators. The trace element fertilizer is mainly composed of cu, fe, mn, zn, b, mo and other trace elements and beneficial elements. Plant growth assistant fertilizers are fertilizers formulated with natural organic fertilizer extracts or broths inoculated with beneficial bacteria plus some humic acids, alginic acids, amino acids, vitamins, and sugar.

Three. Other fertilizers.

1, including foods without synthetic additives, organic by-products of the textile industry.

2. Including fish preservative-free fish residue, cattle wool waste, bone meal, amino acid residues, bone glue residue, etc.

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