Penglai Hongyuan fruit bagging technical guidance

The fruit bagging factory is an individual and private enterprise. The company is located in the northernmost part of Jiaodong. It is said that the beautiful Penglai City where the Eight Immortals crossed the sea! With convenient transportation, National Highway 206 runs through the city and is 15 minutes away from Yantai’s large international airport. It is a key national tourism city.
The company's main products are: Apple bagging, pear bagging, grape bagging, peach bagging, banana bagging, bagging, etc.! North and South all kinds of fruit bagging.
Specifications are: Apple: 150X188; Grapes: 220X320, 240X320, 250X320, belonging to sets of Kyoho grapes, roses, etc. The size of the ear! 260X360, 260X380, 270X360, 270X390 belongs to Kitty Green, Krissen and other medium! 280X380, 280X390, 280X405 belong to the sets of beauty, Dahongti, Heiti and other big spike grapes!
Pear bag specifications: 160X198, set of crisp pear, golden pear, round yellow pear, 170X198, 180X220, set of late autumn yellow pear and other large pears. Peaches 150X190, 160X198 Laishan dense, snow peach, Chinese peach, Dahongpao and so on! More than the fruit bagging models can be customized with customer requirements processing!
The company's quality-oriented, price to win! Welcome new and old customers come to guide the work, call orders!
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Calcium Gluconate Inj. 10% 10ml 50amps/Box
FeSO4 + Folic Acid Tab.(200mg+1mg) 1000`S/Tin
Neurozin (Vitamin Complex) Syrup 240ml 1's/Bottle
Vitamin A+D Soft Capsule 10,000+3,000iu 500`S/Tin
Vitamin B1 Injection  100mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Vitamin B Complex Injection (B12+B1+B6) 2ml
(B1+B2+B6) 10ml
Vitamin B6 Inj. 100mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Vitamin B12 Inj.  1mg/2ml  0.5mg/Ml 100amps/Box
Vitamin C Inj. 500mg/5ml
Mutifavoured Tablet 1g
Vitamin D3 Inj. 600mg/Ml 10`s/Box
Vitamin K1 Inj. 10mg/Ml 10`s/Box
Vitamin K3 Inj. 10mg/Ml 10`s/Box

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