Seeder maintenance

1. Thoroughly clean the dust on the seeder, clean the seeds in the seed box and the fertilizer in the fertilizer box.
2. The external gear transmission and the seeding shaft should be coated with lubricating oil.
3. The disc opener must be decomposed, reassembled and oiled after being cleaned with diesel oil. The inside and outside surfaces of the disc are coated with waste oil and placed in a dry covered room. The trencher of the corn planter can be reinstalled on the seeder. But need to use wood planks.
4, the paint touched off during the operation should be brushed.
5, cleaning the planter's various friction parts and transmission, and lubrication, such as the drive chain, with diesel cleaning and drying coated with oil separately stored in storage.
6. Relax opener retractable spring. The metal transporting tube should be unloaded, stored in the room so as not to be deformed, and the rubber seeding tube needs to be unloaded, and a wooden stick or dry sand or sawdust shall be filled in the tube and stored in a dry and non-sunny place.
7. The planter must be placed in a farm tool store or shed. If stored in the open, the wooden seed box must have a cover and the planter should be lifted in two rounds. The rack should also be lifted to prevent deformation. Spare parts, parts and tools should be kept in storage.

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