Medicinal food dual-use wild vegetable - burdock

Chinese burdock is also known as a strong-toned, burdock root, and is an annual herb of the Compositae family. It uses herbs, roots, and leaves as herbs to disperse winds, disperse wind, disperse heat, clear away heat and detoxify the body, and is then modified to use rhizomes as its main ingredient. , as a green nutritious food, also known as pollution-free vegetables. In developed countries, adults can eat about 100 kilograms of calves a year and become an indispensable vegetable food in life. The use of burdock is quietly rising in the country, and its use value and economic benefits are increasingly known. Therefore, burdock cultivation has a certain development prospect.

First, biological characteristics

1. Botanical properties. Burdock plant height 1-2 meters, the main root deep fleshy, grayish white, stem leaves alternate, long-handled, leaf-shaped egg-shaped oval, apex rounded, with wavy inflorescence tufted stem top, total sacral blade bent at the tip Thorn-like, flower tubular flowers purple, flowering from June to July, fruiting period from July to August, flowering to seed maturity 30-40 days, 1000-grain weight 12-14 grams, germination years 3-5 years.

2, biological characteristics. Adaptable, thermophilic and heat-resistant, cold-resistant, seed germination suitable temperature 20-25 °C, growth optimum temperature is also 20-25 °C, the cold tolerance of the ground is weak, and the roots tolerate the temperature below 30 °C, winter dead on the ground, In order to survive through the roots, the buds grow again in the following year. The burdock is a long-day vernalization of the chloroplast green body. If the autumn is too early to prevent the rhizomes from entering the vernalization stage, the burdock is a warm-tempered crop, and the strong light and long-day plants develop. Good, fleshy roots grow fast and full.

Second, cultivation points

1. Site selection and site preparation: It is better to plant sandy soil with deep, loose and well-drained soil. Generally within one meter of soil depth, or more roots, such as soil too easy to hollow root, not water and fertilizer, 2000-3000 kg per acre fertilizer.

2. Seeding: Can be sowed twice a year, spring sowing in mid-late April, autumn sowing in August-September, about 200 grams per acre with a row spacing of 90 centimeters, planting 9000-10,000 strains of 7-10 cm per mu. Seed soaking in fresh water for 10-24 hours, can be sown on the condition of 25°C for two days, and sowed 7 days after sowing.

3, field management

(1) Burdock is not tolerant to drought at seedling stage. Small water should be poured, and spring sowing should keep soil moist. (2) and time seedlings, Dingmiao, 1 per hole. (3) Spray a mixture of thiophanate-methyl and foliar fertilizers at seedling stage to prevent dead seedlings and promote growth. (4) When burdock sprouts new leaves, remove dead leaves in a timely manner, grow 4-5 new leaves and start topdressing and watering, apply 10 kg of urea to prevent heavy rain irrigation in the summer, and drain water to prevent rot roots from dying. (5) Pest control: The disease is mainly controlled by blight, and bactericides such as carbendazim and thiophanate-methyl can be used. Root rot is sterilized with lime milk; pests are mainly aphids; omethoate can be used as a pest-free pesticide. Agent.

Third, the nutritional value and efficacy of burdock

Rich in nutrients, eating burdock has the effect of promoting blood circulation to prevent and treat high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, prevention of stroke, and lowering blood sugar. It also has the effect of stomach cramps and beauty.

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