The current vegetable greenhouse should strengthen night temperature regulation

After the frost falls, the temperature gradually decreases, but the daytime temperature in the shed is still very suitable for the growth of vegetables, because the temperature requirement of most vegetables during the daytime is 25°C~30°C. Therefore, it is not necessary to close the tuyere during the day to reach the proper temperature. In the evening, do not close the air outlet, the night temperature is somewhat low, often cold attacks, vegetables are vulnerable to cold damage; close the air outlet at night, the higher the night temperature vegetables are prone to prosperous, is not conducive to the formation of strong seedlings. Therefore, regulating the night temperature of vegetable greenhouses during this period is critical to the high quality and high yield of vegetables.

During the nursery period, the vegetables must be closed at night to prevent the vegetable seedlings from being chilled and cold, but they must return to the shed to observe the thermometer before they are closed to prevent the night temperature from rebounding. The night temperature rises too high and it is necessary to open the air outlet in time to cool down. In general, the night temperature of the eggplant vegetables should be controlled at 15°C~16°C, the night temperature of the melon vegetables should be controlled at 15°C~18°C, and the night temperature of the bean vegetables should be controlled at 12°C~14. °C. If the vegetables grow too profusely, the above temperature can be lowered by 2°C~3°C for low-temperature hardening.

Freshly planted vegetables for the newly planted overwintering vegetables, do not have to close the tuyere at night, but must pay attention to watching the weather forecast to prevent sudden changes in the nighttime weather, affecting the normal growth of vegetables. It should be noted that, for the vegetables that are in the slow seedling stage after planting, the tuyere cannot be opened at night. In this period, attention should be paid to the heat preservation and moisturizing, so as to promote its easing of seedlings as soon as possible.

The vegetables in the result period of the vegetables in the result period, in the near future still need to increase the ventilation intensity, widen the temperature difference between day and night, in order to promote the healthy growth of vegetables, increase production. Especially melon vegetables, maintaining a large temperature difference between day and night can increase the sweetness of fruits and improve their commerciality.

The Pedicure Spa Chair provides a suitable location for people to provide foot care services. It is divided into two types. One is an Adult Back Massage Pedicure Spa Chair, and the other is a children's pedicure spa chair. Its function is

1. Promote blood circulation. In general, body temperature has a close relationship with blood circulation, low body temperature, low blood circulation, and elevated body temperature, blood circulation will also flourish. The hot water foot bath can improve foot blood circulation, the warming effect of water, can expand the blood vessels of the foot, increase the skin temperature, thereby promoting foot and systemic blood circulation; at the same time, the hot water foot bath also increases the blood flow velocity and flow of the foot, This improves heart function and reduces heart load.

 2. Promote metabolism. The hot water foot bath promotes the blood circulation of the foot and the whole body. As the blood circulation increases, it regulates secretion of various hormones by various endocrine glands, such as thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland, adrenal gland hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, etc. These hormones can Promote metabolism.

3. Eliminate fatigue. When the human body is fatigued, foot blood circulation, metabolic end products, calcium salts, lactic acid microcrystals and other substances are deposited first. When the function of an organ of a human body is abnormal or ill, due to the influence of pathological reflexes, the blood circulation of the foot is worsened, and deposition is more likely to occur. Hot water foot bath is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.

 4. Improve sleep. The feet are rich in nerve endings and capillaries, and they use hot water to soak their feet for gentle stimulation of nerves and capillaries. This warm stimulus stimulates reflection to the cerebral cortex and inhibits the cerebral cortex. It is excited sympathetic nerves that smoothly transition to parasympathetic nerves. After the parasympathetic nerve is excited, the person is in a quiet resting state, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

 5. Health beauty, raise brain care. Through hot water foot bath, meridians and blood can be adjusted. At the same time, the blood vessels in the foot are expanded and the blood volume is increased, so that the blood flow of the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are supplemented in sufficient time.

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