Three-dimensional mixer for empty machine and strip test method

The mixing of the three-dimensional mixer is a three-dimensional mixing, and a safety fence is added within the effective range of the cylinder to avoid a life safety accident; when loading and unloading, the electric power of the three-dimensional mixer must be stopped to prevent malfunction of the appliance, resulting in Unnecessary accidents; before starting the machine, avoid standing before the cylinder to avoid accidents. Open the three-dimensional mixer feed port and re-confirm that the discharge port is closed, and put a specified amount of material into the V-type hopper according to the process control requirements. After the feeding is completed, close the feeding port and lock it to prevent the material from flowing out during the mixing. Turn on the power button, rotate the stop button to the left, start the reverse button of the V-type mixer, and adjust the motor speed to mix at the specified speed of the process (* product requirement 600r/min).

After the compound reaches the specified time of the process, stop by adjusting the motor speed button. When the machine stops, the V-type mixer discharge port should be facing the ground, and adjust the motor speed button to 0 position. The V-type mixer will stop the button. Rotate right to cut off the power.

The solution to the problem of leakage of the three-dimensional mixer runs a large area of ​​leakage at the feeding end of the primary cylinder mixer feeding the sintering machine, and the average leakage of more than 300 tons per day. In order to prevent the mixture from leaking into the tire base of the mixer, it was only necessary to manually carry out the dip. At the same time, the leaked mixture takes up a safe passage of the mixing platform. The mixture that leaks to the ground seriously affects the surrounding environment. According to the spatial position of the three-way funnel of the feeding end of the mixer, a chute is installed under the mixer, and the mixture leaked from the feeding end is introduced into the three-way funnel through the chute, and then transferred to the second mixing through the newly added 650 mm belt conveyor. Machine, the leaked mixture is transported to the sintering machine.

After the improvement, the use of the past two years proves that the three-dimensional mixer is stable in operation, the mixing effect is improved, and the leakage phenomenon at the feeding end is greatly reduced.

The degree of mixing of the three-dimensional mixer in various materials depends on factors such as the proportion, physical state and characteristics of the materials to be mixed, the type of mixing machine used, and the duration of the mixing operation.

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