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You only need to invest 10,000 yuan to open a KFC-style Juxiangyuan American-style fried chicken fast food restaurant with an annual profit of hundreds of thousands. Juxiangyuan American fried chicken is the first choice to propose a new concept of puzzle health. The unique puzzle snack recipe is suitable for Chinese tastes and becomes a new selling point for American fast food. It is also a nuclear bomb that gathers the fast food market in Juxiangyuan! The unique Chinese cultural heritage of Juxiangyuan will soon be well-known throughout the country, and it will be prosperous for a long time.

Today, Juxiangyuan is widely recognized by consumers in the north and south of the Yangtze River. The stores are good business!
Joining the Juxiang Garden will be your no regrets choice! Juxiangyuan fast food tracking service, providing solutions to difficult problems... Everything you worry about, we all think of you; everything you need, we are ready for you. Easy and simple, you just have to join the store to enjoy it.
Customers are free to taste a variety of foods, and then join after you are satisfied.

The outer layer of Juxiangyuan gourmet crispy fried chicken is golden yellow, complete and not close off, and the scales are beautiful and crispy. It is not worse than the fried chicken of foreign fast food; the chicken juice is soft and tender, and the technique can be used in addition to Fried chicken, fried chicken legs, fried chicken wings, fried chicken rice, fried chicken, or used in fish, shrimp, meat and other fried foods. Crispy fried chicken is a noble modern snack food. If it can be combined with Taiwanese pearl milk tea and fancy shaved ice, the effect will be better. Learned technology can open fried chicken shops, or you can earn money like "KFC", "McDonald's" and "Dexus". Our company can also give free storefront location plan, store decoration plan, employee code of conduct, etc., so that you can easily open a store and make money. Free pearl milk tea technology, juice special technology, shaved ice technology, sand ice porridge technology, pudding bean flower production technology, etc. What are you waiting for! Come to Juxiangyuan! This technology is available for both face-to-face and correspondence, because our company has standard operating procedures and recipes to ensure that you can blow up fried chicken like “KFC”, “McDonald's” and “Dirks”, whether it is face-to-face or correspondence, and the face-to-face teaching is The package will be until you learn.

You can open a bustling location in the commercial street, next to the supermarket, or open an American fried chicken restaurant around the school, the station terminal, and the residents' community. The company will design different products and excellent store combination for you. Create a profitable storefront and realize your dream of wealth. The operation of a KFC-based fried chicken restaurant includes: spicy chicken burger (cost 2 yuan, price 5 yuan), old Beijing chicken roll (cost 2 yuan, price 6 yuan), crispy chicken wings (cost 0.9 per cost) Yuan, price 2 yuan), crispy chicken legs (cost 1.6 yuan, price 3 yuan), original chicken (cost 8.5 yuan per catty, price 16 yuan), Mad chicken rice (cost 8.5 yuan per catty, price 16 Yuan) crispy chicken (cost 8.5 yuan per catty, price 14 yuan), French fries (cost 2 yuan per catty, price 8 yuan), fried squid strips (cost 0.7 yuan each, price 1.5 yuan) Crispy skin-based shrimp (cost 0.8 yuan each, price 2 yuan) with pearl milk tea (0.5 yuan per cup, price 2.5 yuan), fruit ice porridge (cost of 1.5 yuan per bowl, price 5 yuan), Delicious milkshake (cost 0.8 yuan per cup, price 3 yuan) and so on.

Benefit analysis (extra shop)
1. The area is 40 square meters. For example, the number of people entering the store is 1,000. According to the average consumption of 10 yuan per person, the daily sales are 3,000 yuan.
2, business hours General stores are used for morning and evening two shifts, business hours from 7 am to 10 pm.
3, experience sales value From the statistics of the turnover of the opened stores, more than 1,000 yuan is very easy, plus the card and fixed old customers, the average daily turnover is more than 1,500 yuan,
Even if you open a new storefront, you can get profit from the numbers below.
4. Profit analysis Operating income: 45000.00 yuan / month Gross profit margin: 60%
Gross profit: 27000.00 yuan (1). Rent: 1500.00 yuan (2). Salary: 2800.00 yuan (3). Tax: 200.00 yuan Net profit: 21000.00 yuan / month Annual net profit: 252000.00 yuan It can be foreseen: a 40 square meters shop located in the prosperous area, the annual profit can reach about 200,000 yuan.
Joined the Juxiangyuan American-style fried chicken chain store six unified unified technical training, unified brand image unified decoration design, unified distribution support unified clerk image, unified marketing planning

Fried chicken leg ZHAJITUI
The American fried chicken joining fee and technical fee total 3,480 yuan, and the distribution of automatic temperature-controlled electric fryers and 2000 chicken wings. There is KFC near our company, welcome to come and compare.
After you are satisfied, join again. Learning content: spicy chicken burger, old Beijing chicken roll, crispy chicken wings, crispy chicken legs, original chicken, sautéed chicken rice, crispy chicken, french fries, crispy shrimp, attached drinks, pearl milk tea, fruit ice Porridge and so on.
The correspondence fee for the correspondence is 1980 yuan, including one electric fryer with automatic temperature control and a part of experimental materials (the raw materials for 50 kg chicken legs or chicken wings and chicken rice can be fried). Customers who choose to communicate with each other love to say, "I am not afraid of 10,000, I am afraid that if I don't know what to do," I hereby solemnly promise that all customers who have joined in the Jiaoxiangyuan correspondence can come back to face to face. And long-term professional technicians answer the questions encountered in the student's operation.

Technical advantages: Juxiangyuan grilled wings use the secret recipe of exclusive marinade, supplemented with Chinese herbal medicine powder. The roasted chicken wings are full of fragrance, fresh and crisp, with flesh and bones separated and full of fragrance. Juxiangyuan has a variety of flavors: original, spicy, spicy, salt, New Orleans, fragrance, sweet, rose, fruit and many other flavors. The unique marinade, after marinating the chicken wings, adds crispy, fragrant and tender features, while maintaining the moisture of the chicken wings and facilitating the rapid liquefaction of the fat in the chicken wings during roasting, without shrinking, roasting Do not paste, let the chicken wings color golden, "full body" full, at first glance, the appetite is greatly increased, and the girl does not get fat, can eat a few more.

Unique formula: After careful preparation by the technicians, the grilled chicken wings, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the more you eat, the more you want to eat. Moreover, all the seasonings and sauces are crushed and processed, others can't imitate them, even if they come to visit and inspect, they don't know how to match them after eating. Ensure that the business of Juxiangyuan Grilled Wings stands out from the "chicken" group!

Unique barbecue technique: The taste of the flavoured grilled wings is not only derived from the salted materials and barbecue materials, but also the kungfu and technology of baking. During the process of grilling the wings, it not only accelerates the dissolution of fat, but also penetrates the seasoning into the chicken wings and increases the tenderness of the chicken wings. And it is very entertaining, and the diners wait around and watch, and some diners can't help but want to do it themselves. People naturally gather more and more, and business is naturally hot every day.
Flexible operation, convenient shop opening: smokeless gas oven, reasonable design, convenient and light. The location is convenient, no need for high investment, as long as there is a place where people can move. It can be opened into a slightly larger barbecue restaurant; or, if you open a restaurant now, and create a few square meters of equipment, you can increase the variety of business for your restaurant and enhance the passenger flow in the store.

Fragrant and roasted wings: smooth and delicious, full of fragrance, endless aftertaste. The exclusive curing technology can ensure that the juice is not lost, so that the roasted chicken wings are fresh and juicy, and the original meat flavor and protein, amino acid and other nutrients of the chicken wings are preserved. The taste is more delicious and the fragrance is ten miles.
Spicy grilled wings: hemp, spicy, fragrant, the more you want to eat. Only the most tender and tender flesh of the chicken wings, add the spicy spices such as pepper, pepper and pepper to ensure the roasted chicken wings, hemp, spicy, pure flavor, and use smokeless barbecue, not greasy healthier.
Salt and pepper grilled wings: the scent of salt and pepper, the tempting roasting, the salty and tender. All raw materials are selected from natural, chicken wings are selected from natural shepherd chicken, salt and pepper are added, delicious and raw, and enjoy the most native flavored grilled wings.

New Orleans grilled wings: authentic Orleans flavor, unique Orleans sweet and spicy. The surface is full of luster; the smell is fragrant and fragrant, the full flavor of the chicken is delicious, the sweetness and the spicy taste are well blended together, which makes the taste full and full of aftertaste; the sweet taste is moderate, the spicyness is medium and high-grade spicy It is very suitable for people who like Orleans.

Initial fee: 3480 yuan
American fried chicken joined
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