Main varieties and processing methods of Chinese instant tea

The main varieties of instant tea in China are instant black tea, instant green tea, instant health tea, and undried concentrated tea juice, such as oolong tea concentrate.

The aerosol liquid instant tea beverage uses a new canning process technology that can improve or optimize the freshness of a variety of instant beverages, especially instant tea beverages, and make it easier to brew.

Instant tea is made from finished tea, semi-finished tea, tea by-products or fresh leaves. Through the processes of extraction, filtration, concentration and drying, it is processed into a granular, powder or small piece that is easily dissolved into water without tea residue. The new type of beverage has the advantages of convenient brewing and drinking, and no pesticide residue.

The research and production of instant tea in China was not tested and produced in Shanghai, Changsha and Hangzhou in the 1970s. In the first place, vacuum freeze-dried products were developed, and spray-dried products were developed. These two instant teas were developed. The products have their own characteristics: vacuum freeze-dried products, because the drying process is carried out at low temperature, the tea has less aroma loss and maintains the original tea aroma, but has long drying time, high energy consumption and high cost; spray-dried products Under high temperature conditions, the atomization is rapidly dried, the aromatic material is lost, the shape is granular, the flow performance is good, and the cost is low. The drying cost of the products of the two drying methods is 6-7 times that of the latter. Therefore, the spray drying method is widely used for the production of instant tea products at home and abroad.

The processing technology and equipment of instant tea are mainly composed of extraction, concentration and drying. Extraction is the extraction of soluble substances in tea by using water as a solvent. The methods include boiling water brewing extraction, percolation extraction, continuous extraction, etc. The first two methods extract concentration only 1-5%, the latter one can reach 15- 20%, so stay to increase the efficiency of concentration and drying. Extracts containing a large amount of water must be concentrated to achieve the process requirements for drying. At present, the concentration methods include vacuum concentration, freeze concentration, and membrane concentration, and these methods are widely used in the food industry. The main principle is to use the separation of the solute and the solvent by using some differences in the distribution of the liquid and solid phases, and to obtain different concentrations of the concentrate. Since the deep material in the tea is heated for a long time at a high temperature, temperature and time should be considered. From the safety of the tea, it is required to "low temperature and short time", and the low pressure must be caused from the processing technology. At present, the most widely used in the production of instant tea is vacuum concentration and membrane concentration method, which is characterized by no heating, no evaporation of water, no phase change process, and is a concentrated method favorable for the quality of tea.

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