Food workshop air disinfection technology and skills

Food processing places refer to food production and processing workshops, especially the processing of direct-input foods such as cooked meat in the cold room, the catering industry in the cold room, the fast food manufacturing room, the cold food production room and the packaging room, the pastry cake, bread, candy In the packaging room, the packaging of solid beverages such as milk powder, soy flour, and malted milk, the production of various kinds of cool fruits, etc. The hygienic quality of air in these processing places and microorganisms are food pollution, and the pass rate is mainly reduced. the reason. 

The disinfection of the air in these places should be adapted to the local conditions according to the actual situation. Due to a systematic project of the food safety engineer, dynamic disinfection and static disinfection are required. The so-called "dynamic disinfection" means that the selected disinfection product has no harm to the human body. When the air is disinfected, the person does not need to leave the disinfection site, and there is no side effect. This disinfection method is called dynamic disinfection, and the representative enterprise is Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Technology Co., Ltd., the market share is as high as 80%. “Static disinfection” means that the selected disinfection product has direct or indirect damage to the human body. When disinfecting against air, the operator needs to be equipped with protective measures. Others cannot stay in the space being disinfected. This type of disinfection is called static. Disinfection, thousands of domestic production enterprises of such products, the true value of flowers bloom.

During the daytime, workers use dynamic disinfection equipment: such as food dynamic air disinfection machine. In recent years, this equipment is also widely used in the packaging, cooling and filling of some large food enterprises. It is the first real food enterprise in China. Dedicated dynamic disinfection equipment. It is reported that the food dynamic disinfection machine adopts the working principle of bipolar plasma electrostatic field. The disinfection process is: using high-voltage DC pulse to make the plasma electrostatic field produce a reverse electric effect, generate a large amount of plasma, decompose and break down the negatively charged bacteria, and then combine the drugs. The components such as impregnated activated carbon, electrostatic network, and photocatalyst device are subjected to secondary sterilization filtration, and the treated clean air is rapidly circulated and flowed rapidly, so that the controlled environment is kept in a "sterile dust-free" standard. When disinfecting the workshop, people can work in the workshop at the same time. Therefore, the disinfection machine is called "food dynamic disinfection machine". The machine is an advanced disinfection device that does not cause any harm to the human body. It is mainly used for simultaneous dynamic sterilization in the case of people working.

At night, workers use static disinfection equipment after work. For example, in the packaging, cooling and filling process, ultraviolet disinfection is used to disinfect the air to prevent the growth of bacteria in the air and add to the product during the day; because a bacteria can multiply in 24 hours. Thousands or even millions of bacteria, using ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and economical technology that effectively inactivates pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, and produces virtually no disinfection by-products. However, ultraviolet rays can damage human skin cells, causing cancer or damage to the eyes in severe cases. For the batching, semi-finished workshop and finished product warehouse, it is recommended to use ozone to disinfect the air. It can not only inhibit the growth of bacteria in the air, but also the smell of ozone can effectively drive the mouse and insects, effectively reducing the harm of the organism to food. Ozone kills bacteria in the air, and it needs to use ozone concentration of 30mg/m3 for 15 minutes. Otherwise, the effect is not satisfactory. The state stipulates that the allowable concentration in the atmosphere is 0.2 mg/m3, so disinfection must be carried out under unmanned conditions. It should be noted that whether ozone or ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body, it needs to be turned on after the worker gets off work, turned off before going to work, and then the window can be ventilated before the worker can enter the workshop.

Food safety is a common problem faced by countries all over the world. It is the unshirkable responsibility of enterprises to ensure food safety. Food enterprises need to strictly implement scientific disinfection for the disinfection of air in processing sites, in order to produce health and safety foods, in order to further protect consumers' health and promote their own benign development.


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