The reason why the high pressure blower rises high

A friend who is a fan will usually receive some complaints from customers about the high temperature rise of the high- pressure blower . In fact, some of them are determined by the properties of the high-pressure blower, not a fault, especially in the hot summer! Below I will explain some of the reasons for you.

LONG-GOOD high pressure blower belongs to a kind of compressed air equipment, which produces a wind pressure much higher than that of a general centrifugal blower. Simply speaking, the impeller of a high pressure blower compresses air to form a higher air pressure during operation. In compressed air The process is inevitable to generate heat. The higher the wind pressure of the high pressure blower, the more heat it generates. The higher the motor power, the higher the temperature rise. Because the performance parameters of the high pressure blower are generally proportional to the power of the motor.

The temperature rise of the Longgu high-pressure blower is also closely related to the ambient temperature, because the temperature rise algorithm is the ambient temperature + high-pressure blower temperature = the temperature rise of the high-pressure blower. For example, the summer working environment temperature is 38 degrees, and the self-generated temperature is 35 degrees. The temperature rise of this air pump is 38+35=73 degrees. Sometimes the temperature rise of the high pressure blower in summer will feel particularly high. On the contrary, if the ambient temperature is -5 degrees in winter, the temperature generated by the high pressure blower itself is still 35 degrees. , its temperature rise is -5 + 35 = 30 degrees.

In summary, the temperature rise of the high pressure blower in the summer is about 70-80 degrees is normal. Please feel free to use.

Therefore, in the summer, try to place the high-pressure blower in the air, so as to facilitate ventilation. Or stop working for a while.

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