Maintenance knowledge of fruit preservation cabinet

Maintenance knowledge of fruit preservation cabinet

The vertical air cabinet is a kind of refrigeration equipment. It is a kind of cabinet specially designed for product preservation. Its refrigeration principle is to use the cold air to blow out from the back, so that the cold air can be evenly covered to all corners of the air curtain cabinet to achieve the effect of product preservation. .

The advantages of the vertical cabinet are as follows:

1. Double refrigeration technology solves the technical problems that are difficult to overcome in a single refrigeration mode, so that there is no cooling dead zone in the cabinet;

2. The corrosion-resistant color steel plate cabinet body increases the service life of the cabinet;

3. The integrated foaming and solid steel frame foundation makes the cabinet better in insulation performance and more durable and durable;

4. Equipped with night energy-saving curtains, designed for nights and other non-business hours.

5. Humanized design increases the display of goods. The product is beautiful and generous, and plays a certain decorative role in the use occasions;

6.500mm ultra-wide shelf, providing customers with a larger effective display area and more inventory. Osram-specific lamps placed at the front of each shelf enhance the display of items in the cabinet;

7. Fully transparent glass side panels, making the contents of the cabinet clear at a glance, enhancing the display effect of the items in the cabinet;

8. Microcomputer-controlled digital thermostat makes the temperature control of the items in the cabinet more precise and the system more energy efficient;

9. Incremental laminar flow optimizes the air curtain, high efficiency and energy saving; advanced back-blowing refrigeration system, uniform cabinet temperature; precise defrost automatic control, stable performance; natural air defrost, reducing power consumption;

10. The actuators of the refrigeration system and the control parts of the electrical appliances are all made of foreign famous brand products to ensure stable and reliable operation.

The trendy design of the vertical cabinet is beautiful and generous; the humanized design increases the display of the goods. At the same time, the customer is convenient and quick in shopping and picking up the goods; the design of the evaporator is increased, and the heat exchange efficiency is improved. The cabinet can be cooled faster, the temperature is lower, and the energy is more energy-saving; the back-blowing structure makes the cabinet temperature cool evenly; the natural air melting is used to reduce the power consumption; and the night energy-saving curtain is provided for night and other non- Use during business hours.

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