Prevention of layer fatigue

Prevention 1 Guarantee full price nutrition and scientific management, so that the broiler chickens reach the optimal weight and body condition when they are mature. 2 Feed 2% to 3% of special pre-opened feed containing calcium 2 to 4 weeks before the start of production. When the egg production r

Penglai Hongyuan fruit bagging technical guidance

The fruit bagging factory is an individual and private enterprise. The company is located in the northernmost part of Jiaodong. It is said that the beautiful Penglai City where the Eight Immortals crossed the sea! With convenient transportation, National Highway 206 runs through the city and is 15

Seeder maintenance

1. Thoroughly clean the dust on the seeder, clean the seeds in the seed box and the fertilizer in the fertilizer box. 2. The external gear transmission and the seeding shaft should be coated with lubricating oil. 3. The disc opener must be decomposed, reassembled and oiled after being cleaned wit

Medicinal food dual-use wild vegetable - burdock

Chinese burdock is also known as a strong-toned, burdock root, and is an annual herb of the Compositae family. It uses herbs, roots, and leaves as herbs to disperse winds, disperse wind, disperse heat, clear away heat and detoxify the body, and is then modified to use rhizomes as its main ingredie

The use and maintenance of winter agricultural machinery

Winter is the coldest season of the year, and the cold weather has brought considerable pressure and difficulties to the use of agricultural machinery. Winter is also a season of high incidence of agricultural accidents. Therefore, operators and drivers must be particularly careful and cautious whe

Autumn and winter shepherd points

The climate in autumn is cool and the gradient is short during the day. The pasture begins to mature. After the farmland is harvested, it is a good time to grazing sheep. Autumn pastures should be selected between summer pastures and winter pastures. The frost-free season should be early and late,

The physiological history of silkworm

Silkworms may be insects that children like to contact. Observing the growth and development of silkworms is conducive to cultivating children’s interest and intelligence. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin's famous name: "Spring silkworms die to the dead, the torch falls into tears

Agricultural vehicle tractor for black smoke

1. The working environment of agricultural vehicles is rather harsh. Dust can easily cause dirty air filters and insufficient intake air. 2. There are a small number of pilots who are greedy for cheap and use diesel fuels with unsatisfactory quality requirements. 3, on the bridge climbing is not

Grape autumn disease prevention "strength" is the key

If the management of grape harvesting is relaxed, it will inevitably result in serious diseases, early defoliation, immature branches, weakened tree vigor and so on, affecting the grape's output and quality next year. Autumn is a golden period for the vine to recover its "strength" a