The Importance of Fertilizer in Maintaining Soil Ecological Balance

The Importance of Bacterial Fertilizers in Maintaining Soil Ecological Balance Soil microorganisms play an important role in material transformation and energy flow. The important biochemical processes that they participate in mainly include: hydrolysis reactions, such as the hydrolysis of organic compounds, higher plants and microbial residues, and the transformation of hydrolysates into the “useable” forms of plants; nitrogen fixation, carbon cycling, nitrogen and phosphorus, and sulfur Circulation; decomposition and synthesis of humus; conversion of phosphorus, sulfur, iron and other elements and redox reactions. Some of the microorganisms involved in these processes are specific and some are not specific. Under the coordination of these microbes, the entire ecological balance is maintained. It is because of this complex and diverse transformation of soil microorganisms that it promotes the circulation of the material in the biosphere, maintains the eternal biological source of the earth, and ensures the survival of human beings. This shows that soil microbes actively participated in the process of soil and effective fertility formation.
Gold B baby microbial fertilizer is the use of these principles, the use of high-tech means, after screening, purification, rejuvenation, some of nitrogen-fixed phosphate, potassium-releasing active, beneficial, efficient "functional" microbial inhalation adsorption products, The products containing a large number of functional bacteria (hundreds of millions per gram) are brought into the soil with the crops fertilizing. They provide a variety of “free” services for the crops in the soil, which not only improves the soil but also provides a variety of nutrients for crops and improves crop resistance. Disease resistance to drought and resilience will eventually increase crop yields and benefit people.

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