Apple storage anti-rotting technology

First, the occurrence of physiological diseases in the storage period of physiological diseases is closely related to the harvest period of fruits. Timely harvesting is one of the important measures to prevent the occurrence of such diseases. Apple bitter pit caused by calcium deficiency, after the fruit can be used 2 ~ 4% of calcium chloride solution dip fruit, and pay attention to the temperature of the stored fruit before the temperature should not be too high, in order to avoid the occurrence of a large number of the disease; Apple Tiger The dermatosis is caused by premature fruit loss due to insufficient fruit maturity. After the fruit is harvested, it is soaked with 500-1000 PPM of lecithin solution and stored at low temperature as soon as possible. The browning of pulp is due to low temperature, lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Caused by poisoning, prevention of browning of the flesh should be carried out as soon as possible, and the storage temperature and the concentration of oxygen (2 to 4%) and carbon dioxide (3 to 5%) should be well controlled.
2. Fungal diseases include rosy-ring disease, anthrax, penicillium and mycotic diseases, etc. These diseases are also occurring in large numbers in fruit development. Therefore, in addition to strengthening control during the growing season, they must be strictly selected before the fruits are put into storage. As a result, the pests are prevented from entering the warehouse. The prevention and treatment of ringworm disease and anthrax, pre-harvest spray 50% carbendazim or 50% thiophanate-methyl 800 times, a better control of the two diseases. Before storage, 500 to 1000 times 50% carbendazim or 800 times 50% thiophanate solution soak the fruit, but also sec-butylamine or multi-purpose fresh wrapper fruit. At the same time, the storage temperature should be appropriately reduced during the storage period. If gas conditioning is used, the concentration of carbon dioxide should be increased and the concentration of oxygen reduced. Penicillium prevention and control: 1 For the first two weeks of storage, store sulphur with sulfur in the storage place, use 100-200 grams of sulfur per 10 cubic meters of space, and use 50% formalin 500 times to disinfect and use every 10 cubic meters of space. 0.5 kilograms of liquid medicine. 2 Use 500 to 1000 times thiophanate-methyl or carbendazim to dip fruit before storage. 3 The storage temperature should be maintained at 1 to 2 degrees Celsius and often remove the disease. To prevent apple mold disease, it should maintain a low temperature of 5 degrees Celsius during the storage period.

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