How does the jujube tree open after nailing

Jujube tree armor is a necessary measure to increase fruit setting rate, but if it is not properly handled during opening, the wound is too heavy and too wide, which will affect the healing of the mouth. In general, after 25-40 days of armoring, A will heal well. If this time is not exceeded, healing is still not possible, which will cause adverse effects on jujube trees and even cause the death of whole jujube trees.

There are many reasons for the non-healing of the mouth, which is mainly due to the large width of the mouth, debilitating tree vigor, malnutrition, or a mouth-to-mouth pest. The method for resolving the non-healing of the jujube tree mouth is to use hormonal substances to stimulate the formation of layer cells in the mouth to rapidly generate calli, so that the mouth can heal as soon as possible. The specific method is: a 75% -80% aqueous solution of gibberellic acid coated mouth. In addition, in order to prevent the harm of a pest, a high-potency, low-toxicity, low-residue insecticide (such as phoxim) with strong systemic absorption can be sprayed on the mouth, and then a layer of wet mud can be smeared inside the mouth, and finally used. Plastic wrap is tight, generally 7-10 days a mouth can heal. Weak land plots, appropriate fertilizer and water management, and more topdressing nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, and restoration of tree vigor can also promote the healing of A.

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