How to breed pigeons

Prepare eggs before preparation

Egg production begins 8-10 days after pairing. At this time, the animals should be caged, ready to produce egg nests, and a layer of linen pieces should be laid inside to avoid breaking the eggs. Check whether there are loopholes in the cage to prevent interference from cats, dogs, snakes, or rats, or from invasion and leakage, resulting in undue loss.

Do a good job of management before laying eggs to hatching

1 Check for deformed eggs and broken eggs in time after laying eggs and find that they are taken out in time. Always check whether the nest is fixed or not and whether two eggs are concentrated in the central bottom of the nest. 2 The pair's new spouse should observe whether they are in harmony or not, whether they often jump up and down, fight each other, and cause them to break their eggs. For large size pigeons, special care must be taken to prevent crushing the eggs and to prevent eggs from being eaten by pigeons that are undernourished or have a bad diet. 3 We must conduct regular lighting of eggs, timely handling of bad eggs, timely removal of lean, dead and dead embryos, in order to prevent the eggs from deodorizing, and affect the health of normal eggs and production pigeons. It was found that the reasons for not being lean and dead embryos should be identified and the management system should be improved.

Eggs that have been merged for the same period of time will be double-licensed. If one egg is to be produced or one egg is left for two times, eggs should be combined and hatched at the same time to increase productivity.

Eggs should be kept clean overnight

Prepare double egg nests. After the young birds are born, care should be taken to keep warm. Change the linen (hay) frequently, and often wash the feces in the nest to keep it clean. When the young pigeons are 12 days old, they should be placed in a nest again. At this time, the breeding pigeons will begin to produce the second nest egg and will produce about 15 days. The breeding pigeons will perform the double tasks of breastfeeding and hatching. Elaborate feeding and management, increase feed nutrition, increase the number of feeds, to ensure the completion of the double task of breeding pigeons.

Do a good job of registering records

The production records of the production pigeons are always ready to provide important numerical basis for future feeding and management.

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