Causes of black smoke emissions from tractors and how to eliminate them

This phenomenon is due to incomplete combustion of the fuel. When black smoke is emitted, the power of the Engine often drops, the exhaust gas temperature is too high, and the water temperature is too high. As a result, several parts of the engine are worn and the engine life is affected. The reasons for this phenomenon and how to eliminate them are as follows: (1) Insufficient intake air or blocked air intake pipe. To check the cause, the following checks should be made: whether the air filter is clogged; if the air intake pipe is leaky; if the turbocharger is damaged. (2) Improper adjustment of valve clearance Bad contact of valve sealing ring. Valve clearances, valve springs and valve seal rings should be checked. (3) The supply of each cylinder of the high pressure oil pump is uneven or excessive. The resulting instability in speed and black smoke emission should be adjusted to make it balanced or within the specified range. (4) Fuel injection is too late and the injection advance angle should be adjusted. (5) Injector malfunction or damage, should be removed and overhauled. (6) The cylinder liner and piston ring assembly are seriously worn. When this happens, the piston ring seal is not strict and the air pressure in the cylinder drops, causing the Diesel Engine to fail to fully burn and emit black smoke, and the engine power is drastically reduced. When the load is severe, the engine will automatically turn off. Replace worn parts.

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