Experimental Centrifugal Technology Lecture Catalog

Experimental Centrifugal Technology Lecture Catalog             Yu.2010 1) New progress in experimental centrifugation 2) Centrifugal separation diagram 3) Basic calculation of experimental centrifugation technology 4 ) Supplementary note on issues related to densi

Notes on the application of rooting agents

The following points should be noted in the application of rooting agents: 1. Please pay attention to the preparation method and concentration of the drug, the number of administrations, and the application site when administering the drug concentration and the application site. If 2.4-DD is used

Anti-seasonal Intercropping Technology for High Yield

There are many benefits to the high anti-season cropping ecology. The first is to make full use of forest resources, and the symbiotic and complementary nature of the forest bacteria is naturally harmonious. Woodland can provide cool yin and oxygen for edible mushrooms. Edible mushroom cultivation

Detoxification and Feeding of Cotton Seed Cakes

Hao Hailiang 2006-9-7 Cottonseed cake is a by-product of cottonseed oil extraction and is a good protein supplement feed. Most of the cottonseeds are shelled and refined. The by-products of oil extraction by pressing are cottonseed cakes. The by-products extracted by extraction are cottonseed mea

Appropriate late summer corn yield

The late harvest technology of summer corn is to appropriately postpone the harvesting period of corn, make full use of the light and heat resources of corn, and play a productive, water-saving, high-yield, and efficient cultivation technology. First, the shortcomings of early harvest The current

Harvest of walnuts

After entering September, the collection and processing of walnuts has become a major task in orchard management. Premature harvesting will not only affect the reduction of walnut oil content, resulting in a decline in quality, but also cause a sharp reduction in yield; If the harvest period is to

Apple storage anti-rotting technology

First, the occurrence of physiological diseases in the storage period of physiological diseases is closely related to the harvest period of fruits. Timely harvesting is one of the important measures to prevent the occurrence of such diseases. Apple bitter pit caused by calcium deficiency, after the

How does the jujube tree open after nailing

Jujube tree armor is a necessary measure to increase fruit setting rate, but if it is not properly handled during opening, the wound is too heavy and too wide, which will affect the healing of the mouth. In general, after 25-40 days of armoring, A will heal well. If this time is not exceeded, heal