Ten points for applying urea

At present, the annual average utilization rate of chemical fertilizers in China is only 30%, of which the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is generally 30%-50%, the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer is generally 10%-15%, and the utilization rate of potash fertilizer is generally 40%-70%. Obviously, effectively increasing the utilization of chemical fertilizers is crucial to reducing production costs and increasing production and income. Recently, the author contacted the Soil Fertilizer Department of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and asked them to explain the scientific knowledge of fertilizer application -

The sales price of urea is relatively high. Farmers' friends should follow ten technical points in applying urea, so as to save economic costs and to exert the fertilizer efficiency.

First, give priority to the consideration of major crops in the application, should first consider the cultivation of larger areas, higher economic value of the crops (such as wheat, corn), and for buckwheat and other secondary crops, you can according to their own economic circumstances, appropriate to use less Or even if not applied, targeted production of fertilizers will be used.

Second, as basal fertilizer or topdressing urea is suitable for basal fertilizer and top dressing, under normal circumstances not for seed fertilizer. Because urea easily destroys the structure of the protein and denatures the protein, it affects the germination of the seed and the growth of the root system of the seedling, which can cause the seed to lose its ability to germinate when severe.

Third, as autumn fertilizer for dry land, urea fall application than the spring effect is much better. According to relevant experiments, under the same conditions, autumn planting can increase the utilization rate of urea by more than 10.8% over the spring season. If urea is used, then the application of organic fertilizers and other fertilizers will have better results.

Fourth, for top dressing fertilizer Urea is an amide fertilizer, is organic, neutral, does not contain auxiliary components, the crop stem and leaf burns are small, urea molecules are small, easy to enter the cells through the cell membrane; urea itself has hygroscopicity, It is easily absorbed by the leaves. When the urea penetrates into the leaves, it causes less plasmolysis, and it will recover quickly even if it occurs. So urea as top dressing is better than other nitrogen fertilizers. The concentration and time of urea spraying outside the root varies with the type of crop. Under normal circumstances, each application of urea 0.5-2.5 kg; once every 4-5 days, 2-3 times.

Fifth, advance the top-up

After urea is applied to the soil, it is first hydrolyzed to ammonium bicarbonate by the action of microorganisms in the soil so that it can be absorbed by the crop roots. Therefore, it should be pursued in advance.

6. The final product of deep urea decomposition in soil is ammonium carbonate. Ammonium carbonate is very unstable and decomposes in the soil or soil surface to form free ammonia, which is easy to volatilize. Therefore, when applying urea, the soil should be deep and the depth of soil should be 10 Centimeters or so.

Seven, as much as possible after the rain urea moisture absorption performance is good, in the implementation of topdressing in drylands should be arranged as far as possible after the rain in order to quickly dissolve the fertilizer, the soil adsorption, but also can make part of the fertilizer through the leaves to absorb, improve fertilizer efficiency, reduce losses.

8. In the morning or evening, like other nitrogen fertilizers, urea should be applied in the morning or late afternoon, preferably after rain or cloudy days. Avoid using in sunny (or noon) high temperatures.

Nine, with the application of other fertilizers Urea is a unit fertilizer, the application should be combined with the use of phosphate fertilizers or other fertilizers, so that can meet the needs of crops for a variety of nutrients, but also can play a role in assisting the fertilizer.

X. Application of organic fertilizer in combination with organic fertilizers Urea and organic fertilizers are an effective measure to increase the efficiency of urea fertilizers. They can be used to supplement each other's strengths, reduce urgency, improve fertilizer efficiency, save fertilizer, promote microbial activity, improve crop nutrient conditions, and reduce production costs. Increase production, increase income, etc., thereby increasing the economic efficiency of fertilizers. Farmyard manure is best with high quality pig manure. Under normal circumstances, the ratio of urea to pig manure is 1:1.9.

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