Hunan developed artificial control technology for fertilizer nutrient release

The "Ninth Five-Year Plan" major scientific and technological project - the development and application of biodegradable film rice controlled-release fertilizers, has recently passed the appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province. Experts believe that this achievement has made breakthroughs both theoretically and technologically, ranking the world's advanced level. It is reported that the use of this result can artificially control the release rate of fertilizer nutrients, and the average nitrogen utilization rate is 77%, which is 39 percentage points higher than that of urea. The yield of early and late rice is 9.3% higher than the average application of nitrogen and other urea. . According to reports, overuse of chemical fertilizers in China has exacerbated environmental pollution. In response to this problem, the natural and semi-natural polymer materials used in Hunan Province's soil fertility are mainly used as envelopes to develop new types of fertilizers. The Ministry of Agriculture has ranked as the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" major scientific research projects and "948" projects. After repeated selection of formulas, the researchers successfully solved the core technical problems of controlled nutrient release from fertilizers for 30 to 330 days, and developed a biodegradable membrane controlled release fertilizer and a rice controlled release fertilizer. At the same time, they developed the rice fertilization precision fertilization technology, replacing the traditional fertilization method with a full amount of fertilization, each acre rice can reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer by about 1/3, and save costs 8-12 yuan.