Summer meat pigeon 6 points

1, prevent heat stroke

Meat pigeons are prone to heat stroke when they are hot. Prevention of meat pigeon heat stroke specific measures: the loft should be protected against the sun, often open the loft window or start the blast equipment, keep the ventilation cool inside; feed in the heat and heat Jieshu of Chinese herbal medicine, such as rhubarb soda tablets each time; Increase the number of baths; properly reduce the production of pigeon nests, to use pine needles as well; stop hatching eggs, so that the production of pigeons rest.

2, for drinking enough water

The water intake of meat pigeons varies with changes in the environment and temperature. Summer drinking capacity is greater than in other seasons. Caged-type meat pigeons drink more water than flat-type meat pigeons. Every day about 50-60 milliliters of drinking water, drinking fountains should be clean and hygienic, water supply should be clean and pollution-free, such as insufficient supply of drinking water or unclean is easy to cause death.

3, regular bath

Meat pigeons love health and have a bathing habit. Bathing can keep the pigeon body clean, but it can also remove ectoparasites and help the body to dissipate heat. The young birds that are raised on the Internet are bathed in baths and washed once every 15 days. The caged breeders use a sprayer to spray water, which is usually washed once every 20 days.

4, ensure the quality of feed

Should feed more pellet feed, increase mung beans and shell wheat, reduce shelled grains. All kinds of feeds should be soaked and softened, dried and then fed, and less frequently fed. In the feed formulation of young pigeons, corn, wheat, sorghum and other cereals should be added. The feed of the producing pigeons should contain enough protein, and the breeder generally feeds on the principle that the production pigeons are fed and the pigeons are fed.

5. Use good health sand and cod liver oil

In order to increase the weight of meat pigeons and improve their health, 7-day-old meat pigeons are fed with 1 cod liver oil per day. Health sand should be ready for use now, generally will be coarse sand, bone meal, shell powder and other first mixed (1 time with 3-4 days amount), then the amount of less, easy to oxidize, easy to deliquescence ingredients, feed Premixed with good health sand.

6, disease prevention

In summer, all kinds of germs are prone to reproduce, and we must adhere to the principle of “prevention first, and prevention and emphasis on governance”. The specific approach is:

Clean the loft (cage) drinking device and the feeding trough 1-2 times a day; the hatchlings should be changed once every 5 days after the hatchlings are out of the shell, and the drug should be disinfected twice a month. And pay attention to the elimination of mosquitoes and parasites to reduce the vector of disease. The abnormal pigeons were found isolated, diagnosed and treated in time. Prevention of summer diseases focuses on digestive diseases such as pigeon pox and enteritis and ectoparasitic diseases.

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