Explanation on the production status of glass instruments for water needle ampoule filling and sealing machine

The glass instruments used in the ampoule filling machine (water needle filling machine) mainly include: glass infusion device (glass infusion device), glass blue and white piston (glass check valve, glass check valve, glass check valve), glass. Dispenser (glass liquid dispenser, glass buffer dispenser), glass nitrogen balloon, glass buffer ball, glass tee, etc. Its manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. The scale of the enterprises is uneven. Some of them are small workshops of one or two workers. There are only a few on the scale (not explained in detail). Because of the booming pharmaceutical industry in recent years, many similar factories in Jiangsu, such as Lianyungang and Nanjing, have emerged as intermediaries (in the old saying, they are called two-way traffickers or leather bags companies). Here I teach you a method of identification: 1. Using the method of trial and error of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, ask him whether the nature of the enterprise is an individual industrial and commercial household, a privately-owned enterprise or a limited liability company? Second, ask him as a general taxpayer? They all said that they can open a tax ticket, and you ask him a few points? Is it 3% or 17%? The difference between the three points of the ordinary tax increase ticket and the 17 point multiplication tax ticket is that the ticket rate shows the tax rate. The strength and productivity of the company can be identified in a simple way. For example, they say that the level of light technology is high, how many purpose the fine sand grinding piston, the sealing is good, what is actually, in fact, it is also a foreign language, Fudge pharmaceutical factory supply, equipment department related personnel. I also hope that everyone will pay more attention to it, because after all, the network is virtual. Luo Luoluo said so much is not to advertise how our company, mainly for the vital interests of our customers and friends, resolutely crack down on piracy!

This hot air circulating drying oven is tray mode intermittent universal drying equipment which is high in utility, widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food industry, light industry, electronics and other fields.

1.This Drying Machine uses electric heating elements as the heat sour

2. The material is stainless steel,keep the machine durable using.

3.After switching on the electric power, switch on the fan. The rotational direction of fan shall consist with the mark. 

Drying Machine

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