How to prevent narcissus "unmute flowers"

Daffodils "unmute flowers" refers to the phenomenon that the buds turn wither and turn yellow before they start to decay. There were "unable flowers" and poor bulb quality, improper engraving, improper water culture methods and other factors. To prevent daffodils from "dumb flowers", the following aspects should be taken into account when curing.

1. Featured ball. When selecting the bulb, the shape of the bulb should be firstly observed. The main bulb should be flat and round. The shoulders on both sides of the central bulb should be open. The side bulbs should be straight, plump and hypertrophy. Secondly, the bulbs should be rough and dark. Most of them are daffodil balls of 3 years of age. Finally, it is better to look at the buds and shoots. If the selected bulb is small, diseased, and the packing is dry, it will lead to insufficient nutrient buds in later development.

2. Carefully carve. In the daffodil carving, too many cuts on the coating or the destruction of the buds on the wounds can cause poor bud development. During the carving, first remove the yellowish-brown outer skin and the dried and rotted roots of the ball. Care should be taken in carving to avoid damaging the buds.

3. Water quality is clean. Narcissus likes clean water. If the water is not changed and water is turbid, it can easily cause root rot. The best use of rain water or pond water, such as tap water, need to be placed 1 days to 2 days before use. Change the water every 1 day after raising water, and pay more attention to changing the water when the temperature is high.

4. Moderate light temperature. Narcissus is a light plant. It should be placed in a ventilated sunny place to maintain ample sunlight. If there is insufficient illumination and poor ventilation, the leaves will become slender and delicate, which will affect the development of the buds. Narcissus suitable for the growth temperature of 10 °C ~ 20 °C, the temperature below 5 °C is vulnerable to freezing damage. Therefore, it is difficult to flower in the hydroponics when the bulbs are dormant before the frost or when the temperature rises after the clearing.

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