Scorpion summer breeding tips

Summer is the peak season for crickets. Therefore, it is very important to improve the management of crickets in summer. Xunzi's vitality is very strong, and it is rare to get sick under normal circumstances. The main cause of common diseases is due to improper management.

Rickets disease: This disease is caused by worm parasitism. In the case of high temperature and high humidity, it is easy to develop. The diseased beard and thoracic and abdomen had yellow-brown spot-like mildew, which was difficult to move and gradually became thin and died. Prevention methods: Reduce environmental temperature and humidity, remove deteriorating feed, and do a good job in environmental sanitation. Strict spray disinfection with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution; 0.5 g oxytetracycline, or 0.5 g synergistic sulfamate, 500 g food mix, and feed until cured.

Physical fatigue: The cause is the sudden onset of high temperatures and acute dehydration. The group suddenly appeared abnormal activity, panic, then the limbs softened, the tail dragged down, the function was lost, the body became darker, and finally the body died of paralysis. Control methods: Ventilate the windows in time or cool down with a fan, feed melon, fruit, and leafy foods with more moisture; immediately remove the water from the disease. The method is to add a little salt and sugar in 30 to 35 degrees hot water spray on the body surface of the dumplings (wet can be sprayed). Its death can be processed into dry medicine.

Ground maggots feed better. Put the hatchery eggs that will be hatched into the small nests, and the hawksbill can always eat the newly hatched maggots. Followed by mealworms, rice bugs and so on. With grass mixed with bran, the white worm grown after fermentation is also a good feed for scorpion.

After the maternal calves are born, the female calf will give birth to pups. After the calfskin becomes black, the pups will be removed from the mother's back with chicken feathers, and the mother will be separated to prevent calves from eating calves. phenomenon. Prevention of rickets, pay attention to the health of the scorpion growth environment, we must constantly change the water, when feeding, pay attention to not let rotten food left in the nest.



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