Ten points of late stage pest control in rice

The target of prevention and control must clearly address the differences in the types of pests and diseases in the field and adopt appropriate pesticide control. When pesticides are mixed, their pesticide content must be clarified, especially the prevention and treatment of panicle blasts. There are two kinds of dosage forms of tricyclazole and must not be mistaken.

Do not arbitrarily increase the amount of pesticides blindly increase the dosage of pesticides, then increase the cost of pest control, and easy to make the crop phytotoxicity. In addition, pesticides must pay attention to the current use of pesticides to prevent chemical reactions between pesticides and reduce the efficacy. During the summer and thunderstorms, there are many days of thunderstorms. Adding auxiliaries to pesticides can both enhance the effect of liquid medicine and delay the erosion of rainwater, ensuring better control efficiency.

Spray pesticides should be uniformly used to control pests with a water pump, must be divided into barrels according to the length of the field, or marked in the dispensing container spray scale, while the absorbent suction nozzle to prevent debris blocking. The use of 1.6 mist sprayer operations, staffing should be sufficient, generally 6 to 7 north-south spray to prevail, the barrel of water hit 1 ~ 1.3 acres is appropriate. When starting spraying, you can close the small nozzle and spray the precipitated liquid into the air first or put it into the barrel in advance. When the barrel of water is sprayed to the head, you should immediately turn off the nozzle, and it is not appropriate to repeat the spraying to prevent the burn of high-concentration liquid medicine. seedling.

The time of application of pesticide should be as meticulous as possible to avoid the flowering stage of rice (before 9 am and after 3 pm) so as to avoid pollen abortion; Phosphorus pesticides and other light-easily decomposable pesticides should be applied on a cloudy day or after 3:00 pm; if defoliants are used to control rice planthoppers at late stages of rice growth, it is advisable to apply pesticides at fine noon to improve control. effect.

When spraying parts to clear control of panicle blast and rice leaf roller, nozzles should be sprayed upwards to allow fine liquids to slowly fall or float to the panicles or leaves of the plants. Fog machine control effect is better; to control rice planthopper or rice sheath blight, the sprinkler should be aimed at the middle and lower part of the plant, so that the liquid as much as possible sprayed to the rice base, strengthen the prevention and control of the pest and the protection of the blade . This type of pest control is again using a large amount of water pump.

When a field water layer learns to control rice planthoppers and larvae of rice leafhoppers older than 2 years old, the field should be set up for 3 to 5 days to allow the liquid to spread over the fields to form a liquid layer between the plants. Control effect; If the control of sheath blight, rice blast, rice smut or eggs and vertical nymphs of young rice, then pay attention to the water layer; and late field fumigation control of rice plant fly, you must keep the field dry and dry Water status can achieve better control effect.

It is strictly prohibited to use methamidophos for pesticide use, pesticides and pyrethroid pesticides that are prohibited by the government in 1605, etc. The fields that trace the quality of rice should be applied in strict accordance with the specified formula, and the use of long-lived medicaments such as buprofezin, pymetrozine and profenofos should be prohibited. It is not advisable to administer any medicament one month before harvesting.

Pay attention to the inspection and control of pests and diseases. Tenants and farmland management personnel shall intensify the inspection of the control effect of pesticides within a certain period of time after the prevention and control of pests and diseases, and promptly identify the reasons for the fields or sites with poor control efficiency. Supplementary treatment to eradicate the occurrence of pests in the bud.

Keeping the fields clean in the field and applying fertilizers and cleaning up the pollutants should be promptly cleaned up to keep the field clean and tidy. Pesticides that are sensitive to aquatic products such as fish and shrimp should be protected.

Strengthen labor protection work to seize the morning and evening when the weather is not hot for two hours. Do not drink alcohol before and after the use of drugs. Wear protective clothing such as raincoats, rain pants, and anti-pharmacy caps and spray pesticides in the fields. Do not eat melons and fruits during the spraying process. Get a cigarette and apply as much as possible.

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