Fine-leafed grass

The genus Oxypogon japonicus is a genus herbaceous plant of the family Liliaceae, with roots. Native to China, Japan and North Korea. Hi half shade, moist, well-ventilated environment. Requires rich humus, well-drained sandy loam. Flowering May-August.

Rhizomatous bracts are short and thick with membranous scales. The fibrous roots are longer, and the middle or top expands into a spindle-like fleshy root. Leaves clustered, linear, green, midvein prominent, margin finely toothed. Flat racemes terminal, with 10 or so flowers, white or lavender. Berry spherical, purple or blue, shiny.

Divided by the main method, but also sowing. More ramets were carried out in March-April, and the leaves were cut off, leaving about 5 cm in length, digging up the roots, and dividing into several bundles for individual planting. Plant spacing was 25-30 cm, and cultivars once in 3-4 years. Seeds are sowed after they mature and emerge in about 10 days. Fine-leafed grasses are easily cultivated and extensively managed. If watered and fertilized in time, they can grow well. Potted plants should be moved to the shed for conservation in the summer and winter in the cold room or greenhouse.

The fine-leafed grasses can be used for planting along the garden terraces, roadsides, and rocky rock gaps. They can also be used for flower bed edging or ground cover materials, as well as draping and layout of living rooms. Commonly cultivated along the step grass, more flowers along the grass, "grass" and so on.

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